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[HowTo] Add custom Buildings and Objects to your Map (updated)

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Download E3DEN Editor from workshop (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=630702051) and enable it in your Mods.

Start the game, open editor and select the Map you want to add buildings at.


Place all the stuff you want to add and save your project from time to time.

Create a file called buildings.sqf (just an example you can name it as you like). Open it and get back into editor. Click tools and press Save project as SQF. Your map addons are now copied to clipboard.

Open the buildings.sqf and insert the code with ctrl+v. Save it and close.

Open your mission file (epoch.Altis for example, you need a tool like pbo manager to do that), create a folder named addons if you dont have already, create another one called mapaddons inside of addons folder. Place the buildings.sqf in this folder.

Now open your init.sqf or create it in the mission root folder if you dont have one and insert the following code:


 if (isserver) then {

     [] execVM "addons\mapaddons\buildings.sqf";



Save, repbo and upload. This should add all the stuff you created in the Editor to your map.


To add more, you can just create a second one for other map stuff by create a new buildings2.sqf with your other buildings and call them like this


 if (isserver) then {

     [] execVM "addons\mapaddons\buildings.sqf";

     [] execVM "addons\mapaddons\buildings2.sqf";



Or just edit your old project and overwrite the buildings.sqf



Hope this helps

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