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Me just taking a break from scripting :D

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Nice driving dude, I take it you have tried the trackir ?


Thanks! And yes I have tried TrackIR. And it is HORRIBLE in my opinon. When I have it on, I feel like am glewed to my chair because every freakin movement can be seen on the monitor.

And since I move a lot while racing, it was not a very nice experience to use TrackIR. Imagine that with ArmA too though... It makes it even worse. Even though flying the Hummingbird is pretty cool because you can look outside of the cockpit but that is how far the fun with TrackIR goes for me... A waste of $200

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signature is cool. may I recommend reducing the radius to 1.5 metres and capitalisation to all lower case as it's a single word.


Thank you. No the radius is fine for me and I like to use different caps in one word. It is a scriping habit.

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