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Error in log: dayz_code\init\object_BackpackAction.sqf


never seen an error concerning the dayz_code.  just thought id post see if anyone knew what the deal is.


16:54:07 "TIME SYNC: Local Time set to [2013,8,3,16,54]"
16:54:39 [DZMS]: Running Major Mission SM6.
16:54:58 [DZMS]: (DZMSUnitsMajor) 6 AI Spawned, 6 units in mission.
16:55:09 [DZMS]: (DZMSUnitsMajor) 6 AI Spawned, 12 units in mission.
16:55:12 "RUNNING EVENT: Construction on [2015,6,8,16,55]"
16:55:18 [DZMS]: (DZMSUnitsMajor) 4 AI Spawned, 16 units in mission.
16:55:28 [DZMS]: (DZMSUnitsMajor) 4 AI Spawned, 20 units in mission.
16:55:28 Error in expression < getVariable["actionSet", false];

if (!_actionSet) then {
16:55:28   Error position: <_actionSet) then {
16:55:28   Error Undefined variable in expression: _actionset
16:55:28 File z\addons\dayz_code\init\object_BackpackAction.sqf, line 13
16:55:34 [DZMS]: (DZMSUnitsMajor) Waiting for 4/20 Units or Less to be Alive and a Player to be Near the Objective.
16:56:44 "DZAI Monitor :: Server Uptime: [0d 0h 37m 30s]. Active AI Groups: 6."
16:56:44 "DZAI Monitor :: Static Spawns: 0. Respawn Queue: 0 groups queued."
16:56:44 "DZAI Monitor :: Dynamic Spawns: 0. Air Patrols: 2. Land Patrols: 4. Sea Patrols: 0."
16:58:47 "CLEANUP: Deleted 6 Loot Piles out of 69"
16:59:07 "TIME SYNC: Local Time set to [2013,8,3,16,59]"



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This is from JayOnSpeed from a previously started thread you could have googled instead of making another post :). This fix worked for me, so hope it helps.




If you're using ESS you should comment this out.


//removeBackpack player;


Also in DZAI in the ai_killed_all.sqf file


in DZMS in the DZMSAIKilled.sqf file


These are the ones i use so i hope it helps.



Original thread can be found here:

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