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What you can expect from future major milestone updates

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There have many bugfixes since the initial release of the 0.3.x client files and we will have more fixes to come soon. A Client side hotfix build will likely be released in about 2 weeks to roll up any client side fixes.
Now for the best part, A small taste of what you can expect from future major milestone updates (0.4,0.5,...):
  • Advanced crafting with total UI overhaul fully extensible and customizable. [Released]
  • Refined P2P and NPC trade systems.
  • More Custom Base building objects and base building refinements.
  • More server and user configurable options. [Released]
  • Documentation on backend DLL calls and usage. [Released]
  • More antagonists and AI refinements.
  • CRC check and server file obfuscation removed. [Released]
  • Custom Vehicles, Weapons, Uniforms and apparel.
  • Custom map based in America.
  • Linux server support. [Released]
  • Bugfixes and much more.

Download server files here: http://epochmod.com/download_server.php

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