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I used to hate it because it was p2w game, but I realized my main problem with this  game is HOW LAZY it is done. For example searching cabinets, looting. You click on an object, a small progress bar appears and you have to wait 1-5 seconds for it to run out and then it shows in a corner what is or what's not there. I mean, even Epoch with non-commercial developers DID something interesting, you see your looting in action, sofas lifted, cabinets getting oppened, box lifted. In H1Z1 is it just terrible terrible terrible. It may have more content than any other survival game but it is not an excuse to develop it in such a lazy way especially by a big company.


It is a cashgrab, plain and simple. Thank god this forum doesn't have downvoted, or my opinion would be -20 by now.

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