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Server issues with admins



Hiya epoch forums,

I've got my basic epoch server up and running and everything seems to be fine. Character save on exit and load is working so I know redis is fine. I run into trouble when I try to add myself as an admin. I have:

Added my steam id and name in EpochAH.hpp, both with "" and without and in both owner and super level areas.

Added my guid and name to Admins.xml.

Both have the same end result of not loading.

BEC seems to load the files just fine, (no errors in the console window) and my server isn't reporting any errors, (nothing in client or server rpt error wise)

BUT, the game stalls on loading. I can connect to lobby, select a slot and hit ok but it never gets past Starting Epoch...Please Wait!. Eventually it says server not ready(02) and I get kicked for a publicvariable restriction#0. Anyone else ran into this?


I also seem to have trouble getting whitelisting to work. The file loads and I have tried adding 


guid name

"guid" "name


pid name

"pid" "name"

to the whitelist.txt but every format I've tried ends with getting kicked for not being whitelisted.

Any help on these would be much appreciated!


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You should only have yourself listed once in the "epochAH.hpp" file.


Like this:

adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"123456789012345679","hogscraper"}};

The name doesn't matter, it's just what shows up in the log files.

I had the quotes right, it just looks like the default file you get in the download has:


adminMenu_Owner[] = {};


And it really should be 


adminMenu_Owner[] = {{}};


I didn't realize that I needed to add an additional set of {} to the line. I did that and it works perfectly. Thanks!


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