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any pc wizards about?

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Basically just recently i am having problems with my pc where is completly freezes, sounds still plays but at like 1% its speed if watching a film, music on or ingame.

This will last for between 5seconds upto 1minute.

Mainly does it if doing alot of stuff at once like ect id be watching a film with dart running in the back ground and steam downloading or when in game id just usualy have dart running in the back ground.

My pc is also running somewhat slower like different windows/tabs taking longer to load, if i drag a box across the screen it tends to cause a ghost effect along with it.

This has now been going on for almost a week and does it constantly when its turned on.

my pc specs (i know they're not impressive)

windows 7 prefessional 64bit sp1

intel i3 2120cpu @3.30ghz

8gb ram

amd radeon hd 6700

hitachi 459gb hardrive

Things iv tried

complete reinstall of windows (twice)

reinstall/update gpu drivers (catalyist control centre)

bypassed my gpu and used OE built in intel graphics

replaced memory with some old working one i had

Also used seagate tools to test the harddrive which came back all ok, although I daint do the long test as it says it will delete stuff.

I did reveice a pop up box ONCE that disapeared very quickly saying the display driver crashed which was the reason for me reinstalling and updating them but i think the error was just due to the crash as it still did the freezing after taking out the amd gpu and disabling the drivers for it.

Maybe completly unrelated but after the freezes happen, it totaly screws with my keyboard, meaning the keys arnt what they're suppose to be. a restart fixes this.

Im unable to find the minidump folder in the windows folder so am unable to check any error reports unless theres another location?

Im now pretty stumpt and cant think of anything else to check/do.

Any help if appreciated and if any more info is needed then i will provide.


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Maybe signs of a weak or failing power supply? Have you another psu you could swap out?


Have you looked in the event viewer for any sign of problems? (Control Panel>Administrative Tools> Event Viewer).

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You seem to have bad drivers. Go to the computer management and open device manager, check for any unkown devices. After that, install the corresponding sound drivers, video drivers etc. Have you tried downgrading the grapics drivers too? Getting an older version. 


What you are describing does seem like a video driver problem, maybe caused by Catalyst etc. I had similar problems and downgrading a few versions solved it I think.


Also, do you run the memories in single or dual channel on the mother board?

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Il have a go with these tonight.

Il try combofix tonight to see what that brings up

Also memory are dual channel.

Iv completely disabled the gpu driver and uninstalled the unit itself and reverted to the built in graphics and installed correct drivers for that and it still did it.

I then used the spare memory along with the built in gpu and again still did it which would cancel them out?

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Hmm ok. Try setting the memory to single channel. Try downloading an old version of the graphics drivers.

Something that I know can cause problems is actually the battery on the motherboard. I know it sounds unlikely but that one can mess stuff up if it's running out and is too old.


Check USB ports as well, it does seem like the CPU might be overloaded as well. 


Really, there can be tons of different problems causing this :/

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If u have done a fresh install and same problems, it seems hardware related to me, first point of calls,

- HDD failing (can come up fine in alot of test scans, dont mean its fine)

- PSU (cant try to replicate problem by loading cpu/gpu)  

- MEMORY (same thing can run memtest with no problems found)

I have had problems with both HDD and MEMORY, and on both occasions, all testing came up with no problems (besides hhd with a few minor sector errors)

after much frustration and further testing/troubleshooting, I swapped out these items and presto! no more issues. It took me about a week to come full circle and decide to swap these out because of the hdd scans and memory scans coming up with no errors, I dissmised these items as being a problem and moved on to trying to find what was wrong.

I spose what I'm saying is.....If you can swap out items, DO IT! much faster then doing mem tests that last 12-20 odd hrs and overnight hdd scans.

Good luck, I hope you resovle your problems.              

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I haven't looked in the event viewer yet, what would I be looking for in there? Something iv never used


If you check Administrative events as well as Windows Applications it may well point to driver related problems as well as possible hardware issues - insufficient core voltage etc. I'd also just run the drivers that Windows installs for a few days before adding additional drivers.


One thing to ask - have you had any power cuts lately? Sometimes it can damage the psu/motherboard or as Defent touched on - the bios could reset to factory/default settings so it would be worth double checking your settings in there.


Hope you sort the problem out and it's not too expensive !  :)

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installed old psu and still freezing


so iv currently got resource monitor running with the usual program's going.
Here's what they say

CPU usage is averaging about 60% while the maximum frequency is topping out at 99%!

Disk 8% highest active time

Memory 36% used physical memory ( this is on my old memory sticks which is 4gb)

could it be when that cpu frequency is hitting 100% its cutting out?

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errors are

 under applications is just this one


Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA "Win32_Processor" AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99" could not be reactivated in namespace "//./root/CIMV2" because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.


under administrative events are


(spammed quite often)

The IP address lease for the Network Card with network address 0x00FF13BB2C2F has been denied by the DHCP server (The DHCP Server sent a DHCPNACK message).



mean anything to anyone?

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ok just used combofix and my system went to bluescreen with some info on



I tried installing some kernel drivers from http://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=38423 but it wont replace them, it just says i already have the update.

assuming this would fix the error above, would i have to go into the drivers folder and delete them? or would that just shut my system down completly ?

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I don't think either of the event errors would cause your system problems.


The first one MS reckon can be ignored but there is a fixit available - the second error can be fixed by manually renewing the IP as it's being shared by another machine on the network maybe.


If the cpu's hitting 100% then that would cause the problems you've described - but the combofix and kernel driver problem point to either corrupt data (memory errors or hd?) system files - have you tried running system file checker (i think its still in Win 7) ... run "sfc /scannow" - it may ask for your Windows CD to replace any damaged files.

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ok guys iv managed to sort this i think, iv just managed to have a freeze free sunday which included watchin films, playing arma3 while steam does its stuff in the back ground.


it seemed obviouse it was windows itself at fault somewhere so i installed windows 8.1 and all is now good thank god


thanks everyone for help

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