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  1. Is anyone else getting kicked for SetDamage Restriction #0? - it only seems to happen after the server's restarted and a player joins, second time joining it's okay. Any clues as to what the cause may be would be helpful. I did follow the mission installation by the letter with no other scripts or addons installed (AiA Chernarus). Nice work btw! :)
  2. I'm having exactly the same problem and I think we've both installed the so might be worth asking in that thread I'd guess. Maybe just needs an exception adding in setdamage.txt?
  3. Yes, so your mod line would look something like: [email protected];@allinarmaterrainpack;@EpochHive;
  4. :) Thanks guys for the release - fanbloodytastic! :)
  5. Considering it's had only 3 months in the chart and it's the number 3 Arma 3 mod on ModDB - well deserved pat on the back imo. :)
  6. I don't think either of the event errors would cause your system problems. The first one MS reckon can be ignored but there is a fixit available - the second error can be fixed by manually renewing the IP as it's being shared by another machine on the network maybe. If the cpu's hitting 100% then that would cause the problems you've described - but the combofix and kernel driver problem point to either corrupt data (memory errors or hd?) system files - have you tried running system file checker (i think its still in Win 7) ... run "sfc /scannow" - it may ask for your Windows CD to replace any damaged files.
  7. If you check Administrative events as well as Windows Applications it may well point to driver related problems as well as possible hardware issues - insufficient core voltage etc. I'd also just run the drivers that Windows installs for a few days before adding additional drivers. One thing to ask - have you had any power cuts lately? Sometimes it can damage the psu/motherboard or as Defent touched on - the bios could reset to factory/default settings so it would be worth double checking your settings in there. Hope you sort the problem out and it's not too expensive ! :)
  8. Maybe signs of a weak or failing power supply? Have you another psu you could swap out? Have you looked in the event viewer for any sign of problems? (Control Panel>Administrative Tools> Event Viewer).
  9. I only became aware of this recently after being with GTX for about 18 months on an unmanaged dedi - i'm now in the process of switching to Arctic Servers (which still seem to be an OVH reseller), they gave me more memory, much faster network and processor for a little less money and they seem to have excellent support ... which is also very true of Gaming Deluxe whom I used to use some time ago and would always go the extra mile whenever I had problems.
  10. Maybe try adding -dsc to the end of the bec command line?
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