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Just wanted to say.............


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As the title says, I just wanted to take a second to say THANKS to the people behind the scenes that do what they do and don't get a lot of recognition for their time and effort.


Without doing what you do, for the love of the game, none of us would have & enjoy Epoch.











I know that i'm missing a few people here....


Thanks, a round of WhiskeyNoodle on me.


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Hell yea im with ya bud! havnt played arma in like 6-7 months because of boredom after 2500 hrs, last night i played for like 5 hrs and had a blast! Cant wait to get back in and hunt some more people/teepee's! I also noticed a few RP players were playing also, It was actually pretty nice to run up to someone have then holster their weapon and salute at me haha. After a short chat and making him watch me twerk in my underpants I ended up giving him all my food/drink because he was so cool and we flew off away in our hellcat lol. Good times!

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