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Looking for a new server... with no LAVs or pointlessly big guns?

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Title says it all, really. Last server I was on had both armed and unarmed LAVs and it completely broke the feel of epoch for me (I mean seriously, why is everyone in the post-apocalypse rolling around in armoured vehicles?). Nor am I looking for one with an obsession with .50cal weapons (the KSVK and M107 are just unessescary in my opinion.). I guess what i want is a server that goes back to the survival vibe rather than the "fuck it, we have big guns and an LAV. YOLO!"


I know i'm asking for a lot, but i guess it's worth a try!


PS: I'm not going to join new/empty servers. (I use the word "new" in the title in the context of a new server for me to join). I'm looking to join an established (but not overcrowded) server with a good, lively community.



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Hey guys we created a unique dayz napf server with a custom building system, stable server and very dedicated and active admins.
So if you have time please do us the favour and help us making a nice community.
Port: 2302
Cheers your tlr team
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sorry for the late reply. My Napf server sounds like its just what you are looking for. the only armored vehicles we have are the base epoch HMMVV's There are M107's but they are really rare and the ammo even more so. we have 3 active admins one of which being the tech guy who can speak code so if theres a issue you see he can have it fixed and not have to spend a week on forums. the usual scripts installed(SelfBB, tiered tow lift, ect) we have AI missions where the AI are an opposition force they are mean but not OP. There have been sightings of a new Militia or Gang if you will driving around in Civ cars and clothes THEY ARE HOSTILE! plus a lot more! come check us out! if you have any questions post them here or ask me in game. Thanks for considering us!

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Hi try us. No tanks, no jets and .50 cals/maaws are a very rare find. Those were added to the heli crash spawn event as standard in the vanilla 104 by the epoch devs. I haven't increased the chances of them occuring. (you may struggle to find a server with them completely removed for that reason...)


Our server has a pretty nasty clan of human bandits, and is known for hold ups etc, quite a lot of kos so, depends what you're into....certainly not for the faint hearted....


However, we do have a good community and even the bandits are respected with most the feedback being that they add a good level of difficulty to the game.


If you are not into that, I would just search for PvE servers....




Website: www.gogsworld.com 


Hope to see you around.

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We've got some very interesting ideas brewing on our server.  Yes ai here and there, but our community is trying to create a unique experience.  We are exploring many ideas/mods and want to invite you all to join us.  We have a teamspeak, active admins, and we are gaining players rapidly.  We are also actively listening to our players, holding meetings to discuss the future of our server.  We need crafters, pvp'ers, survivalists, the lone wolfs, and all types to join.


Want PVP?  You think your clan has what it takes to compete with us?  Come join us, and give it your best shot.


- Napf map

- Halo spawn, and halo jump from chopper

- Indestructable cinder blocks and metal floors

- ai missions, and ai island

- Self blood bag

- Vehicles, vehicles and more vehicles.  Never have to run too far to find one


And much more coming soon!


ip address:


and visit www.awolgamers.com

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