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Found 82 results

  1. Hi there, I'm using the admin tools and for some strange reason I use the graphic menu to select my spawn in vehicle and I would sometimes get kicked for spawning in vehicles as an anti hack precautions? Some vehicles I can spawn in and some just make me get kicked immediately and despawn the vehicle? I have registered myself as the admin with my player ID as "super admin" and I get kicked from my own server? The error that comes up is "Create vehicle restriction #" followed by a number after the hashtag. why is this? Cheers!
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to begin this topic by saying; I am a complete total noob in this game/mod. I just bought ARMA III yesterday, and have been trying alot of different mods out. This being my absolute favourite. I love the looting system, trading and i guess i will start to enjoy building a base or atleast a home (when I figure how to). I just have one question for you, maybe two; Are vehicles that you find in the wild locked? Or is it something that I am doing wrong? I took a screenshot to show you the type of car, but that screenshot is somehow lost.. The car was a blue sedan, with some random vinyls on the drivers side. I went up to it, only to find out that there was absolutely nothing I could do with it, there was no options whatsoever. Is there something I am missing in my inventory, or am I just a complete moron for not getting in? Thank you so much, I really appreciate all replys. -Elz
  3. Thug


    Can someone help me with how to set a vehicle character ID. I put a plane in from editor and it keeps disappearing. I was told i needed to assign a character ID to the vehicle. I am running a opoch Chernarus server. :huh:
  4. Hellou guys . My server delet purchasing and spawned vehicle Log 2014/09/12, 22:43:32 "infiSTAR.de PVAH_WriteLog: [b 1-3-B:1 (Draik[KD]) REMOTE,"Draik[KD] (76561198137280444) spawned AH1Z @159116"]" 2014/09/12, 22:43:37 "Deleting object AH1Z with invalid ID at pos [15895.9,8832.21,0.0427246]"
  5. Hey, is anyone having a problem with the CH53 SS Falling though the floor when you crash? It happens to me alot, I can land it but when I hit something and knock the rotor out it falls through the floor :L
  6. Hi, I created a server, but when i loaded it up, there were no vehicles that spawned at the Upper Half of the map, there was some at Cherno and some other cities but not the upper half of the map. Please help! Thanks!
  7. Hey, After i updated to the latest steam version some of my players get issues that vehicle keeps randomlly exploding, after some time driving they get ejected and the vehicle explode but they dont get any damage, what i see in the logs it hapens every time when the server do a cleanup, see here, vehicle exploded at "13:03" (03:03 P.M), 13:02:18 "Player is Null FAILED: Exiting, player sync: <NULL-object>" 13:02:42 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: _uid: 76561198146178268 _name: keezarts" 13:02:44 Server: Object 20:568 not found (message 94) 13:03:08 "CLEANUP: Deleted 127 Loot Piles out of 536" 13:03:09 "get: STRING (76561198038755076), sent: STRING (76561198038755076)" 13:03:09 "DISCONNECT: EnZZo (76561198038755076) Object: B 1-2-H:1 (EnZZo) REMOTE, _characterID: 153 at loc [4850.96,2916.29,0.00152969]" 13:03:09 Client: Remote object 28:410 not found 13:03:09 Client: Object 13:241 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 4:478 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 11:119 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 23:96 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 19:220 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 9:71 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 20:573 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:11 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: _uid: 76561198046305176 _name: David007" 13:03:11 "infiSTAR.de - Player-Log: David007(76561198046305176) - 1h 02min" 13:03:20 "infiSTAR.de Log: David007 (76561198046305176) | New Player: ["161",[],[],[0,0,0],true,"","Survivor2_DZ",true,true,0]" 13:03:39 "DELETE: e19ac100# 1056164: v3s_transport.p3d REMOTE Deleted by ID: 122" 13:03:39 Client: Object 23:98 (type Type_69) not found. 13:03:39 Client: Object 23:98 (type Type_70) not found. 13:03:39 "Vehicle killed: Vehicle e19ac100# 1056164: v3s_transport.p3d REMOTE (TYPE: V3S_TK_EP1_DZE), CharacterID: 0, ObjectID: 122, ObjectUID: 0, Position: [11452.1,11343.5,-0.0125427]" 13:03:53 "CLEANUP: Deleted 27 Loot Piles out of 420" 13:04:02 "0 Active ground units" 13:04:02 "0 Active emplacement units" 13:04:02 "0 Active chopper patrol units (Crew)" 13:04:02 "0 Active vehicle patrol units (Crew)" 13:04:07 "EPOCH SERVERTRADE: Player: [F4] bathing ape (76561198082824296) sold a ItemSodaMdew in/at Unknown Trader City for 3x ItemGoldBar" 13:04:42 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #240256419, users.card=15 13:04:42 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 240256419 13:04:42 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 240256419 (Bryan Pegre) 13:04:51 "CLEANUP: Deleted 26 Loot Piles out of 393" and i dont on what i can do... did no changes to my mpmission, the only what i chagend was installing plotpole for life.
  8. Howdy Peeps, how goes it? Say I've been asking around on different servers about what players would think if we had Motorcycles that had Dual Machine Guns on them and Rocket Launchers in DayZ, and everyone I've asked so far has said that it would be awesome! :D Slight problem though, These don't exist to my understanding so we need to make them with custom scripts. I've already read up on the Biplane thread where you can add PKM or M240s to the plane that didn't start out with guns, but I don't know and don't have access to the server side data for the motorcycles. I know the class name for motorcycles is TT650 but when I unpack the files and try to edit them with Notepad ++ There are a lot NUL points and zones where there should be text and numbers but there isn’t anything but fillers unless I’m mistaken. Would anyone be willing to help us out, It would take a load off my friend's back who's running our server. If you'd be so kind, please give a tutorial of how to add weapons to these vehicles, Motorcycles, ATVs, Mozzies, Mountain Bike, and show us out to add the following to them. Forward armament 2 or 3 (in a triangle pattern) front facing PKM or M240 Or 2 forward facing AA-12s with 10 reloads (plus the preloaded mag) of HE rounds Or Or 2 to 3 Miniguns or DSHkM each with 4 reloads (plus one chambered) each Accompanied by (in the middle of the guns) 1 RPG7V with a load of 12 (plus one round already loaded in) PG7VR rounds Side facing armament 2 (on both sides) AA-12s with shot shells (with 10 reloads plus 1 in the chamber) Back facing armament A salvo of 3 RPG18 (with 6 reloads each) LOL this thing is kind of like Hell Rider’s motorcycle now that I think of it or that old Motorcycle game on the SNESS that had you racing around the roads to a city and you could fire the built in guns on your motorcycle. LOL I don’t know if I want it to be this overpowered necessarily (though a well placed shot to the driver’s head or a single tank round near the bike would be enough to silence it LOL), unless you want to make one like this, but I’d also like to have a list of different bikes with different sets of abilities, variety is king in life. So you could have one that is a fully OP Death Header (go head on with it and you’re in trouble) or a ZED Mower (with the shotguns on the sides allowing drive by shootings, sort of like the Bike with the dual chainsaws in Left for Dead.) Then you can have ones that excel at leaving presents for would be enemies, with good armament in front and plenty of fire power behind to take out things you just drove past. Also being able to choose single weapon types (all the machine guns in the front/ all the weapons facing the front, all the weapons facing the back and all the weapons facing the sides and being able to turn off selective ones in the scroll wheel UI would be very helpful if possible. Being able to use only The machine guns in the front for Zeds then taking out an enemy AI Tank or Player tank with the RPG rounds, then turning back to the machine guns as to save ammo would be very helpful :) It’s just a thought and no matter what whatever you guys can come up with (if this build list is even possible) will be awesome, and the best thing you can do is make a tutorial so My friends and I can edit stuff and other people can edit stuff the way they want it. Thanks again, See you soon and have a great time guys God bless From Your buddy ~Monturrock
  9. Hi, i run a small private server and i was wonder if anyone knew what the classname was for the performance manual needed to upgrade a car so that i can add it to the traders? any help would be greatly appreciated. many thanks Josh
  10. Hey Guys, After hours of testing I have pinpointed to the one script causing the issue, I don't know how to fix it though so can anyone please help me to fix the no-gear-access-in-vehicle bug in custom debug monitor version 2.0 below? This below is version 1.0. It works. It does not have toggle On/Off option, hence this version was left behind. This is version 2.0. It is improved and is now user toggleable. It works (i.e.: displays custom debug monitor on player screen) however it disables gear access in vehicle in Driver/Gunner seats (gear access in back seat works).
  11. hey guys, so im looking for some help from anyone at all. basically i found this: and ive been trying to replicate it for some time but im not that great from a coding standpoint. can anyone by chance help me figure this out (clueless) i would love to be able to sell from both a locked vehicle (or unlocked) and your backpack. any help would be appreciated.
  12. I have amended the vehicle hpp configuration files to include accurate fuel capacities but want to test before getting good them pulled in to the main git. AFAIK, vehicle hpp files cannot be downloaded and are usually part of the @mod download (hence trying to get them sorted for the 1.0.5 release). Any suggestions on how I can test these. Thanks RB
  13. I have a server and the vehicles are randomly despawning and not saving to the server. Is there a way to enable the saving part like on Dayz where you have to save the vehicle via scrolling menu. I have looked around every where and can't seem to find anything on this. Are my files just shot to hell or is there a setting that i have turned off? Thanks! ~ DarkRay
  14. How come some vehicles don't have a specified armor rating, such as the Mi-17? https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/blob/Release_1.0.4.2/SQF/dayz_code/Configs/CfgVehicles/AIR/Mi17.hpp If no armor is specified does it default to something? Or is there another file involved for each vehicle?
  15. Help - Dose anyone know where i can get a "load in vehicle" script??
  16. Hey! So I've got a trader selling static weapons using trade_any_bicycle (database reference) which makes it unlocked and without a key when you purchase it. However, when I restart the server they are all coming up locked... so I'm thinking ideally I could just have them all unlocked at server restart... To me this should work... does anyone see any flaws? I'm not sure where to put it... server_publishObjects? server_publishVehicles? I tried to get this to work but so far no luck, please help
  17. hello i have such a problem: sometimes, veh my players bought disappears at once till restart then it appears epoch
  18. I have searched both this forum and Google to find out how to fix this problem, and I now know what the problem is, but I haven't been able to fix it. Using the deploy bike script, getting on the bike results in instant death. I understand this is caused by the server thinking the client spawned in the bike illegally, and is killing them as they are a "hacker". In trying to fix this, I have gone to server_cleanup.fsm and tried to find this: " if (!(vehicle _x in _safety) && ((typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"") ) then {" \n -- or -- if(vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in _safety) && (typeOf vehicle _x) != ""ParachuteWest"") then {" \n No luck. And it seems every fix on the internet requires one of these lines. I simply don't have them in server_cleanup.fsm file. So I must ask...how is this fixed in the newest version of Epoch? Thanks, and sorry for being a noob.
  19. Silolol9


    Hey, what for vehicles will be in the mod? Silolol9 (sorry for my english. I am from Germany.)
  20. I Am server owner. I whether need a script? Anywhere, my scroll wheel menu no related options. I tried many times. Dayz Epoch is
  21. Hello, I looking for help, how to change vehicle parameters, I think the Bike is too fast. And also some vehicle is could carry too mutch items. Anyone know how to done it?
  22. I am new to owning a Dayz Epoch Server. For the last year I have had a Origins Server. Problem: When I started the server there was 300 vehicles on the map. I have my vehicle count set to 300, BUT their are over 1200 on the map. This is causing lag. Can you tell me what is going on or how to fix it? I Thank anyone in advance for their help. [TBs]Thug TBs Gaming
  23. You know that DayZ feeling when you have been out doing missions for 3 hours and finally coming back to base, flying your black hawk with a SUV in tow, rich and full of gear? Then when you drop the SUV, instead of dropping bellow the heli like it usually does it drops above it. You see that and realize that everything is going to hell in a matter of milliseconds and there is nothing you can do to stop the gravity of the situation. Black Hawk gets hit by the SUV, tossed into nearby trees and explodes, then to make matter worst some jackass hears the commotion and loots whatever survived of your misfortune. The icing on the cake are the admin who refuses to assist you because they decided to go on strike :-/ So, anyone else experienced something similar in DayZ?
  24. So, We have a server running the Version of Epoch Napf. Server was doing fine for the first few weeks. Then suddenly after every restart more and more vehicles spawned in. Until it reached over 1500 vehicles on our server (Max limit in Epoch_config being 600). It could be a scripting issue but i have looked and looked over the scripts and cannot find anything out of place. Although this is ARMA we are talking about. Even the RPT file looks good. So we looked through our database. Turns out our events weren't turned on for some reason. So we enabled that, Nothing changed. Did a few more tweaks to no avail. Our server has been on scheduled restarts via battleye. We narrowed it down to that causing the problem (Or at least instigating it). So we disabled auto restarts via battleye and set up server side restarts via Firedaemon. And that stopped the problem. But it is only a temporary fix to a persistent problem. Anybody have any ideas? If you prefer a faster route please join our teamspeak @ Ts.fpsugaming.com and look for Toxiin or SinistR. Thanks in advance.
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