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  1. I got the same issue after I installed the paint vehicle script, I see you have it too. I haven't managed to fix it yet, so if anyone has/finds a fix it would be appriciated :)
  2. PM me your skype, ill help you out
  3. I'm getting "any any" when trying to buy/sell something on my server.
  4. Looks like youre missing a ; in line 124 of your DZMSConfig.SQF
  5. Could you upload a clean server RPT to pastebin? (Delete your current RPT, run the server until a mission spawns, shut down the server and copy the RPT to pastebin)
  6. If you had a script for a nuke to go off, yeah it would be fairly easy.
  7. Try messaging him on Opendayz.net, he usually responds quicker trough there.
  8. Hey everyone, Here are my Overpoch additions for DZMS This includes: - All overpoch weapons (on AI and in loot boxes) - Armed vehicles/more helicopters at missions - Changed around the loot slightly at missions. - Harder AI Install instructions: 1.Download the DZMS folder 2.Open your Server.pbo 3. Replace your old DZMS folder with this one Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?x84yclzehrdqbsq Known issues: - UH1H and Mi17 have the _DZ Classname instead of _DZE, which gives them ammo, to fix this simply add an "E" Behind their classnames in the config file. - Weapons truck still gives the config\weapons error.
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