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  1. yer right...no thanks ill just wait for official now.. can't be faffed with yet another complete re-install (Currently I'd be more likely to do a complete uninstall thanks)
  2. Ohh what has happened since the rc4 update...wearing a ghilli and holding a few different snipers i now have 1 arm about 4 times it usual length :(. also acr ammo is now invisible in inventory both of these where fine before did i miss part of the upgrade to rc4.. also 1/2 my guns now do not show up as held in inventory tell me its just me knackering my install somehow. On the plus side good to see some missions to do now:)
  3. I think I have a broken sledge then.. tried again for ages this morning... well now I know it should work I will keep going till it breaks:)
  4. Quick report and Question, So far not found any problems.. but only just reached hero so building not even started yet,(now started) only things I noticed but maybe change in other versions, as not played in a couple of years. The ore rocks used to be breakable with a sledge hammer, I was bashing away for over 50 hits I think and no breakage.. do I need a pickaxe or something? Any chance of scheduled restart even if only a couple of times a day..couple of players mentioned it and I for one could do with some tree's closer to home....yes I started to build lol I'm Oddjob on server by the way. EDIT: Thank you...reboots make life much better for all!
  5. Well Fastpoint are now out of the running as they closed down 1st january
  6. So it's not just US then TSSR :) Have to say NEVER had it on the dev server, but that's actually a version behind current until Axeman comes back from his hols. I seem to be one of the worst effected on the UKGZ one though very odd!
  7. Noooo... back from my house hunting trip to spain, (move for a year at least september 1st), thought right even though I can't afford it I'll splash cash on apex.. all current version installed and go to find server.. Akkk gone... is it just me or did it change names or something?
  8. Brill.. except i'm totally brasic.. so will have to wait for a month till I get back from spain and maybe get some pennies in.. currently could not afford a zombie icecream let along apex:( dive on and enjoy guys.. Ahh cool sneak peak seems to be a freebe.. thought it was £20 I take that back seem you do need the£20 apex pack..:(
  9. I was just going or suggest that lol... to slow as always:)
  10. Well won't be me doing it.. kinda bored of it all currently.. even my much loved a2 epoch has gone a bit stale.. currently enjoying ark, wow those guys must be working hard.. its like an update and a new character a day at the moment.. only played a couple of days and 6 new dino's have arrived already.. already more building/crafting options...grafix is poo compared with a3 so we will win out in the end.. but for now.. something to give me a break from waiting! but enjoy your epoch guys.. I'm sure axeman will be looking for a new place to show off his new toys though...so keep an eye on what he posts..
  11. Thanks.. but i have had earplugs up and running on a few servers now it was just a notice of what was next on my list...POINTLESS now.. as the server has been snatched back it seems:(
  12. Might be gone for good.. we picked up an old dev server that had been left lonely for a while... soon as we open it up they snatch it back I think even though it is actually a development server... very much so actually new code was going on almost daily but hey how.. I'll just go back to doing my own thing far less restrictive anyway.. Ark server anyone:) ark now how do i spawn zombies:)
  13. Apologies to anyone trying to join this server but the box seems to have gone awol:(..sadly I can't contact Axeman to find out the provider details so for now.. it's unavailable... sorry about this!
  14. Not sure WAI passed your inspection sir but otherwise seems right:) feel free to dive in and have a look at Axeman's new toys, and if you are staying shout out any other suggestions for the server! (not all can or will be added but we will look at most things) Currently on the list to try are: Earplug's (Because that old git TuBz is going deaf he has the sound up high..until he goes out to crash his choppers) and it's 6am.. so can't think of anything else.. :)
  15. I might just go back to my cup of tea richies way to quick for me today:)
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