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  1. I'm looking for mature people at the age around 16 as i am myself 16. I am going to play the new Napf map so i would love if somone knew any good servers or own a server we could play for. It would be best if the server had cheap plotpoles or no need for plotpoles. Feel free to ask me questions, i will answer them all. EDIT: Have to have skype and has to know english or norwegian Please add me on skype if interested: KingMinecrafter
  2. Add islands in the new big lake, and maybe some rivers going throughout the map from the lake? I would love the Islands more though, big ones so you can make bases there. With forests on them.
  3. Can you add some islands in the lakes? I would love one with an entrable church, dock area, clear semi flat space and some trees around. To use for base
  4. Winner is Mathewjknott! I will PM him the information.
  5. A minimum of 4 people have to enter for anyone to be able to win
  6. Hello, i bought the humble bundle agian since it was so cheap to give something to the community, so please tell as many as possible. The winner will be announced in 24hrs. Winner will recive one link to the download page for the bundle, there you can choose to gift it or use it yourself. Just be aware you will not get a code, it will automaticly redeem to your steam. Same for gifting, you just get a link you can send to your friends. What it contains: Arma II Arma II Operation Arrowhead Take on Helicopters UFO: Afterlight Alpha Prime ARMA: Gold Edition ARMA Tactics Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
  7. Gank is the winner! I will PM him the info, please reply here so they know you got it :) If gank does not reply to me or this thread i will announce a new winner. I might be doing more of theese. So look out for it. EDIT: He has 24hrs to reply, if not i will announce a new winner without having him in the randomizer.
  8. Winner will be announced in 1.5hrs
  9. I purchased the Bohemia Interactive Humble Bundle, and since i already have Arma II and Arma II OA i thought why not do a giveaway? I would think most people on the forums has Arma, but they might know somone who wants it. Please reply only once, in 5 hours i will announce the winner. Good Luck!
  10. Hey falcon? I suggest making your own thread soon. This one is getting crowded.
  11. This is what it usually is, i wouldn't bother with it too much.
  12. Didn't do it on purpose, was flying 80SPD over my friend, and then i blew up and died. didn't hit anything, when is the next update coming? What will it have? cant wait!
  13. My osprey blew up 50m above the main highway leading to your base, we were in meschde and found a car, he drove it on the highway and i followed him, i was going higher to talk with TuBz on chat and then i randomly blew up. Ospreys can take ALOT of damage usually, i had an accident where it desided to go straight ahead instead of up and took down two trees and getting stuck in a third without getting over 60% damage. Can i have a new one?
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