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  1. Hey @juandayz thank you for this but the downloaded files have all your logs inside. Many files from over a year ago. Maybe re upload without any logs? Just saves time when copy and pasting over. Thank you for all your work! Also it is not closing the BEC_CONFIG window when restarting. Any ideas to what could be causing it? I have tried a few taskkill options but nothing seems to close it. In your testing did you come across this at all? Any help is appreciated :)
  2. When I ran a Cherno Server I had something around 20 different SQF files with different map additions. Most likely 900kb+
  3. Repacked AH with a different name? Surely this is just sending everyone a free copy of infistar tools? Personally I think this should be removed...just my two cents.
  4. Sounds like anything to do with the server to hive may be wrong. I can see that the error is calling from server functions. Use a default file and see if it solves it then re add all the scripts that use that file?
  5. You have to create a rule to open the ports between roughly 2432 - 2442. For me it is under administrative tools> Windows fire wall and advanced security (Windows server 2012) In there you can create a rule to allow connection under those ports.
  6. Re download the dayz epoch client files. http://goo.gl/IN1Pt1 Then replace the files ion your server.
  7. Can I simply rename that file from 1.0.5 to now I know where launcher reads it from! WOOOO Thank you for the information. Will changing the CPP file be enough? Reinstalled the Dayz_Epoch Files. When will launcher update its server list?
  8. IP: Steamport: 2300 Steamqueryport: 2301 Thank you for looking into it.
  9. Hi I have emailed Dayz Launcher and others but I still have not got a response within around the 5th day now. My server is running It is showing 1.0.5 and not I have no idea how it reads the version number. So if I open the server no one will be able to join as it launches the mod 1.0.5 not Which is useless. IP: Dayz commander works fine as it reads it from the name. Any help will be appreciated. William
  10. Still nothing. This is ridiculous. Not opening up a server then... :(
  11. My problem is the other way around dayz commander shows the right version number and dayz launcher does not. So I don't even want to bother opening up the server because of this stuff. Dayz launcher has no support. Emailed the dev. Nothing and its been a week.
  12. I guess no one is seeing any kind of performance increase? I could have sworn I read somewhere that it does. Just wanted to share with the community. :) I could never measure it well enough to deem any improvement or not. So much other stuff going on.
  13. You can log in as an admin in game by using the command #login ******* stars being the password. After that use the command #monitor 5 This will tell you the server FPS. How the server its self is performing. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Server_Commands See this for more info! How many vehicles and zombies in your init.sqf?
  14. Try editing your basic.cfg file. here is mine MinBandwidth=1097152; MaxBandwidth=1073741824; MinErrorToSendNear=0.029999999; MaxCustomFileSize=0; adapter=-1; Resolution_Bpp=32; 3D_Performance=1; serverLongitude=2; serverLatitude=49; serverLongitudeAuto=2; serverLatitudeAuto=49; Windowed=0; MinErrorToSend=0.0019999994; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=64;
  15. I would double check make sure you are using the latest server files? Was the previous files from another dedicated box? My TS is if you want to pop in and have a chat?
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