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  1. Hey Richie, Not planning on anything, just wanted to get 2.2.0 to a stable build. I have no plans for the A3 version however.
  2. Do all of them engage you or only certain groups? Also in what kind of radius are you, when you get too close (even being a hero) they will engage regardless of your status. That warning message is normal. The customsettings.sqf is a file you can create yourself in which you add your own personalised settings. That way they will not get overridden each time you update Wicked AI. I don't know why the mission complete message doesnt pop up for you, please post a complete error report as described in the first post.
  3. Release 2.2.0 Decided it was time to fix the last few remaining issues with the 2.2.0 release. Enjoy! Native Linux server supportMultiple mission supportAutomatic ammo finder (no need to specify ammo in weaponarray - config.sqf)Option: Locked vehicles with keys randomly on AIOption: Friendly AIAdded: Bandit Patrol missionAnd much moreInstallation InstructionsDownload the latest release.Extract the downloaded folder to your desktop and open itGo to your server pbo and unpack it.Navigate to the new dayz_server folder and copy the WAI folder into this folder.Navigate to the system folder and open server_monitor.sqfFind this code at the bottom of the file:allowConnection = true;And past the following code above it:[] ExecVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\init.sqf";Repack your server pbo.Optional Radio messagesNote: These are on by default, change wai_radio_announce in config.sqf to false in order to disable them. Go to your mission pbo and unpack it.Open init.sqfFind: //[false,12] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\local_lights_init.sqf";Add below: _nil = [] execVM "custom\remote\remote.sqf";Copy the remote_message folder into your custom folder, if you do not have this one yet simply create it.If you want to be able to switch the radio on or off go to step 5 (note: right click by maca required), else go to step 6 and both remove switch_on_off.sqf and radio.ogg from the remote folder.Open extra_hc.hppFind: class ExtraRc {Add below: class ItemRadio { class switchOnOff { text = "Switch ON/OFF"; script = "execVM 'custom\remote\switch_on_off.sqf'"; }; };Open description.extFind: class DayZ_loadingScreenAdd above class CfgSounds { sounds[] = { Radio_Message_Sound }; class Radio_Message_Sound { name = "Radio_Message_Sound"; sound[] = {custom\remote\radio.ogg,0.4,1}; titles[] = {}; }; };Repack your mission pbo.VersioningFor transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, bootstrap is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines. Sometimes we screw up, but we'll adhere to those rules whenever possible. Dev team Developer f3cukDeveloper JossyLinux support BangLHelping hand nerdalertdkDownload Wicked AI 2.2.0
  4. Yo Richie, I'll be taking you up on that offer if it is okay that we are not actually playing Epoch right now. We plan to do so when it will be closer to final though :) Right now mostly CS:GO, DayZ SA and as of late GTA 5.
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for your interest. I've decided to give the domain to BetterDeadThenZed, from all the people that responded i felt like he deserves it most for his active role in this community. This one can be locked. Cheers, f3cuk
  6. Hi all, I registered this domain a few months back when i still thought i was going to host an A3 Epoch server. As this is no longer the case anyone that is interested in it can pick it up free of charge. Cheers, f3cuk
  7. Basically what you do is you seperate objects into server and client objects, and then send the objects with it's properties to the client as an array. The server ones are those that need to be monitored by the server (e.g. doors, lockboxes) and the other ones are usually static objects that don't really need server monitoring, cause nothing happens to them anyway (i did build in a removed objects check and parser that takes care off removed objects that server run, this could easily be adjusted to support destroyed stuff, i never bothered cause all the stuff was unbreakable at ours). It's better to spawn them client side since it asks for a lot less resources server side and does not have a negative impact on client fps. The splitting mainly happens in server_monitor.sqf and then the objects.sqf in the mission folder takes care of spawning and handling the objects.
  8. -- Has been tested, we found that MySQL was never the bottleneck for A2 (as expected bad server performance had to do with the number of objects*). Michael did succeed in porting all the functions to extDB, i remember the default hiveext was slighty quicker but that would not be noticable ingame. Guess that is overkill and possibly the rocket car you previously referred to. Although i agree a little data on that wouldnt hurt. * If not already done, you might want to The stuff that we were working on there eventually made it possible for us to host a highly populated server (25+ players) on high FPS (15+) all the time, including stuff like Wicked AI and a building limit of 1500 objects per player. The key was not letting the server handle the buildables that had no interaction (e.g. floor/walls/sandbags/stairs/etc.). If interested i'd be willing to share the final code so you can have a look, we have stopped running an A2 Epoch server cause the hacks were getting too bad. Edit: Might as wel share all of our stuff to anyone interested, It's not like we are ever going to run another Epoch server and it might prove handy to others. Everything is there, which also includes a working Battle Royale mod for A2 Epoch (written from scratch).
  9. You cannot actually believe this yourself, that would render the whole modding community completely useless. I believe they have proven their worth, in fact, they are invaluable to the success of Epoch. The bandwith argument is just bullcrap (and you know it is). Yes authors might revoke access or whatever, but that is a big might and even though it may have happened in the past, im pretty sure that if you look at statistics this has been like 1/10 case, are you going to deny the 9 that actually did add to the mod just because the one fucks up? That is stupid. Any means of quicker transport is already an advantage. If you have the DLC you have something that 90% of the players do not have and therefore have a far greater chance of finding a means of transport. Yes you can haul with other vehicles, but again chance is in your favor if you buy extra DLC stuff. Anyone that has played on decently busy Epoch server will agree that vehicles you find most often are the DLC ones. I fail to understand how you do not see means of quicker transport as a big advantage. Not sure, but i think you can sell them aswell, krypto - as stated above by Sequisha - is something considered to give a player advantage.
  10. Because it gives players that pay extra money an advantage over players that don't. ARMA 3 is expensive enough on it's own. Content wise they add little to nothing and if that was the thing that made them decide they should have gone open source alternatives that everyone can enjoy. I just don't get how they can be so against P2W, and then add P2W stuff in the mod. It just doesnt rhyme.
  11. Question: Did BI pay (or in any way reward) you guys for putting the DLC crap in Epoch? I cannot comprehend that decision otherwise, tops the list of P2W imho. (why not use open source alternatives if it was a content wise decision)
  12. Hey guys, So i have some spare time this weekend and decided to work on finishing the 2.2.0 release of Wicked AI for ARMA 2. Did some minor updates to the testbranch today, but since i no longer have a dev server to test them on I'm going to need your help with this guys. Cheers, f3cuk
  13. f3cuk


    Ugh i can't get over the fact about how horrible it all looks. The ARMA engine has it flaws but even with all it's quirkyness I still feel like the Forgelight engine will never be capable of providing me with the graphics i need to get the immersion wanted for games like DayZ. I believe they are already pushing the limits on the engine graphic wise, simply compare it to the other games on that engine. Everquest Landmark Planetside 2 H1Z1 Imho it lacks the high res textures/landscaping and terrain that is needed to create an truly immersive game. It kinda has the same challenge that DayZ has, where the ARMA engine is a simulator that is not (yet) capable of handling the amount of entities needed to make it awesome. Forgelight has the problem that it can handle those, but is not (yet) capable of handling decent looking realistic graphics. That being said, for the sake of competition, I'm hopeful people will actually keep playing this and that it will become a great success. I'll keep my eye on it and will play it from time to time, but right now i don't think this game is for me :)
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