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  1. Well I did state 'that i know of' in my post. And unless its hidden in one of those towns or some other strange place then I'd say it has been 'added in' on the server you play on ;)
  2. Here is a complete list of all barracks (That I know of including the ones you talked about) Don't look if you DON'T want to know :)
  3. Not entirely correct, the lite versions of BAF and PMC come with ARMA 2:OA which they dubbed ARMA 2: CO (combined ops) which is the lite versions of BAF and PMC. What BI should do is include the lite version of ACR with the CO version when and if Arma 2 beta comes final (which may ever happen). That would solve the download problem but not the Arma 2 FREE problem :)
  4. A player on my server ask me today if it was possible to have Bandit or Hero missions. Having a quick look it is possible to change the humanity points to negative, change the skins then edit the mission names etc. Would it be possible in a future version to add different missions or make is so it can be easily configured to pick one or the other? It's not a problem for me to go edit the files, I was just thinking it would be a good feature for this mod. :)
  5. Un-covered V3S (also the refuel version) also fits under the garage door :D But yes a larger door is NEEDED for sure! :)
  6. Also I forgot to say, I think a optional vehicle array for the config file would be good. So you configure the vehicles instead of editing each mission files. And example from SM4.sqf .... Original code ... // old SM4.sqf ... //We create the vehicles like normal _ranChopper = ["UH1H_DZ","Mi17_DZ","Mil17_Civilian_DZ","UH1Y_DZ","CH-47F_EP1_DZ"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _chopper = createVehicle [_ranChopper,_coords,[], 0, "NONE"]; Change it to something like this ... // set in the DZMSConfig.sqf ... RanChopperArray = ["UH1H_DZ","Mi17_DZ","Mil17_Civilian_DZ","UH1Y_DZ","CH-47F_EP1_DZ"]; // new SM4.sqf code ... //We create the vehicles like normal _ranChopper = RanChopperArray call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _chopper = createVehicle [_ranChopper,_coords,[], 0, "NONE"]; I haven't done codding for awhile so not sure if that is right :D
  7. Confirmed, after the mission is completed the vehicles are still repairable :)
  8. A player on my server today pointed out that any of the non-Epoch/Dayz vehicles spawned into the mission can be instantly repaired (tool box required though). Try it out, shoot out the wheels and windows then scroll and click repair. Not sure what could be done about this besides making all vehicles Dayz/Epoch compliant ones. It's a shame too because I liked using the non-epoch/dayz versions of the vehicles so people couldn't sell them off at the traders. :D
  9. Well that kind of 'behavior' can happen if you are trying to put more then one backpack in an ammobox/container as they can only store one backpack. If you try to put more then one inside the container it spawns the backpack on the ground next to the container and would start lining them up like what is shown in the picture :)
  10. That weapon was removed from vanilla Dayz afaik, and the wiki even states it ... http://dayz.gamepedia.com/L85A2_AWS
  11. I have had a few requests from players that want to be a medic on the server. Those players are also wanting to have/use medical vehicles. Yes there are some already in the game but it lacks a medical chopper (yes there is the bell h-13 but the storge, crew, speed etc is poor compared to the blackhawk). So a UH60M_MEV_EP1_DZ version without radar would be nice ;) Also a request for medic type skins like US_Soldier_Medic_EP1, RU_Doctor, Dr_Hladik or Dr_Annie_Baker (for females if the animations are usable for combat etc) skins. And of course the heli and skins are not added to the traders so they are unique for server admins to add into the server for those players. Thanks for reading. :)
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