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  1. Hi JasonTM; I'm trying to add admin tools but the menu doesnt show up. (epoch I'm on gtx and cannot upload dll stuff. Is it the problem? Anyway to get the tools working?
  2. Hi I have a ticket with vilayer, could you help me? I open cases and they don't get updated. I'm very frustrated.

    1. RAZOR_HD


      hi.are you on about updating to the latest patch.if so ive sent 2 tickets in about this and no luck with them.

    2. Sneer


      Yes that and my server shows as unknown, last time this happened I waited a full 7 days with no update to my ticket. I've amost had it with them.

    3. RAZOR_HD


      ok.when i got my server it went down a thew days later. it took them 2  days to fix.reply to your own ticket it got me a reply from them.with the update i have no clue if there going to update.never had any problems with them in the past.

  3. Hi; This is how to do it... Here it's a part of my server_monitor: // Custom Configs // Map custom call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map_updates\Camp_LS.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map_updates\Camp_LS_Box.sqf"; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\map_updates\Camp_LS_Box2.sqf"; if(isnil "MaxVehicleLimit") then {
  4. WAI updated to the new version 2.1.4 U have to edit the right files into your folder WAI/static/... If u use chernarus edit the chernarus.sqf As this addon use Napf edit the default.sqf For every group you have to add a new line at each group added... So for exemple i edit the first ground group for a bandit group [[16511.607,18379.748,-0.0002822876], //position 4, //Number Of units 1, //Skill level 0-1 or skill array number if using custom skills "Random" for random Skill array. "Random", //Primary gun set number. "Random" for random weapon set. 4, //Number of magazines "", //Backpack "" for random or classname here. "Ins_Soldier_GL_DZ", //Skin "" for random or classname here. "Random" //Gearset number. "Random" for random gear set. "Bandit" // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ( dont forget to dont add the comma at the end as it's the last line of the group) ] call spawn_group; Do the same for each static group [[[16276.871,18415.031,19.405535]], //position(s) (can be multiple). "M2StaticMG", //Classname of turret 1, //Skill level 0-1. Has no effect if using custom skills "Bandit2_DZ", //Skin "" for random or classname here. "Bandit", // AI Type, "Hero" or "Bandit". ( dont forget to add comma at the end because it'snt the last line on the group ) 1, //Primary gun set number. "Random" for random weapon set. (not needed if ai_static_useweapon = False) 4, //Number of magazines. (not needed if ai_static_useweapon = False) "", //Backpack "" for random or classname here. (not needed if ai_static_useweapon = False) "Random" //Gearset number. "Random" for random gear set. (not needed if ai_static_useweapon = False) ] call spawn_static; This new line is to configure your AI group to be bandit or hero status. It will down or up the player's humanity when player will kill one member of the group... I will add later a total edit of this post to reflect the new WAI update...
  5. This part need to use the WAI mod... this part goes to the server folder / WAI folder/ customSpawn.sqf files You can copy and paste this at the bottom of this file after installed the WAI mod to your server
  6. You had receved an email about ftp: Hello [FIRSTNAME], We are going to be making changes to our FTP server setup. This means that the normal IP that you have been using might stop working, because we are going to set FTP to use the servers Default IP address. This will fix the problem with the FTP Servers randomly going down and should give a better uptime for our FTP services. You will need to login and access your service and check the new IP assigned to your service. It will be listed next to "FTP: IPADDRESS" underneath your servers IP:PORT. Please use the IP provided rather than the same as your game servers IP or you will not be able to get in to your game server. We will be rolling this out today and have the changes done by the evening, if you have any issues or get stuck then please contact support and let us know so we can help advice you. Best Regards, Vilayer Support Staff Another about steam update: Hello [FIRSTNAME], We just wanted to let all customers know that if your server is not running the latest steam build then it might not be showing up as online or working. This is because it seems that older versions of the game are not querying correctly with the server list, to fix this you simply need to run the "Steam Update" and let it update your server. This will need to be come common practice as each time the developers update the game then you will be required to update the server files using this button to make sure it remains online. If you continue to have any problems with your server showing offline after running the steam update then please as normal contact support via a ticket. Best Regards, Vilayer Support Staff Hope it help you
  7. Hi; All your active trader are localized and listed on your mission.pbo/server_traders.sqf ( you will found there TIDs which will let you found back the right trader trougt the database/TIDs table ( and in 99% they are commentated with the loclisation of the trader) IE for NapfIIsland // DayZ Epoch TRADERS for 17 <=== The instance for your map ( Here it's Napfisland) serverTraders = ["Tanny_PMC","Graves","US_Delta_Force_AR_EP1","GUE_Commander","Damsel3","Soldier_MG_PKM_PMC","GUE_Worker2","GUE_Woodlander2","RUS_Soldier2","Drake_Light","GUE_Woodlander3","Soldier_GL_PMC","GUE_Villager3","CIV_EuroWoman01_EP1","Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1","RUS_Commander","Damsel5","TK_Special_Forces_MG_EP1","TK_Special_Forces_EP1","Ins_Soldier_AR","Ins_Lopotev","Ins_Worker2","Ins_Woodlander3","Dr_Hladik_EP1","pook_Doc_Bell47","Ins_Woodlander2"]; // Hero Vendor <=== The localisation of your trader menu_Tanny_PMC = [ [["Ammunition",478],["Clothes",476],["Helicopter Armed",493],["Military Armed",562],["Trucks Armed",479],["Weapons",477]], <=== All their TIDs [], "hero" <=== What player can come to trade with him ]; // Ammunition Friendly menu_Graves = [ [["Assault Rifle Ammo",480],["Light Machine Gun Ammo",481],["Pistol Ammo",484],["Shotguns and Single-shot Ammo",573],["Sniper Rifle Ammo",482],["Submachine Gun Ammo",483]], [], "friendly" ]; // Weapons Friendly menu_US_Delta_Force_AR_EP1 = [ [["Assault Rifle",485],["Light Machine Gun",486],["Pistols",489],["Shotguns and Single-shot",574],["Sniper Rifle",487],["Submachine Guns",488]], [], "friendly" ]; // Friendly Vehicles menu_GUE_Commander = [ [["Bikes and ATV",608],["Buses and Vans",563],["Cargo Trucks",564],["Fuel Trucks",492],["Military Unarmed",491],["Trucks",495],["Used Cars",585],["Utility Vehicles",565]], [], "friendly" ]; // General Store menu_Damsel3 = [ [["Backpacks",496],["Clothes",497],["Cooked Meats",580],["Drinks",498],["Packaged Food",579]], [["ItemTinBar","TrashJackDaniels",1,1,"buy","Empty Wiskey Bottle","Tin Bar",101]], "neutral" ]; // Weapons neutral menu_Soldier_MG_PKM_PMC = [ [["Assault Rifle",602],["Light Machine Gun",603],["Pistols",606],["Shotguns and Single-shot",607],["Sniper Rifle",605],["Submachine Guns",604]], [], "neutral" ]; // Ammunition Neutral menu_GUE_Worker2 = [ [["Assault Rifle Ammo",609],["Light Machine Gun Ammo",610],["Pistol Ammo",611],["Shotguns and Single-shot Ammo",613],["Sniper Rifle Ammo",614],["Submachine Gun Ammo",612]], [], "neutral" ]; // Neutral Building/Parts menu_GUE_Woodlander2 = [ [["Building Supplies",508],["Toolbelt Items",510],["Vehicle Parts",509]], [], "neutral" ]; // Bandit Trader menu_RUS_Soldier2 = [ [["Ammunition",577],["Clothing",575],["Helicopter Armed",512],["Military Armed",569],["Trucks Armed",534],["Weapons",627]], [], "hostile" ]; // Aircraft Dealer menu_Drake_Light = [ [["Airplanes",517],["Helicopter Unarmed",519]], [], "neutral" ]; // Vehicles Neutral menu_GUE_Woodlander3 = [ [["Bikes and ATV",587],["Buses and Vans",588],["Cargo Trucks",586],["Fuel Trucks",589],["Military Unarmed",598],["Trucks",590],["Used Cars",520],["Utility Vehicles",591]], [], "neutral" ]; // Black Market Vendor menu_Soldier_GL_PMC = [ [["Black Market Ammo",527],["Black Market Weapons",526],["Explosives",529]], [], "neutral" ]; // Friendly Building/Parts menu_GUE_Villager3 = [ [["Building Supplies",530],["Toolbelt Items",532],["Vehicle Parts",531]], [], "friendly" ]; // General Store 2 menu_CIV_EuroWoman01_EP1 = [ [["Backpacks",538],["Clothes",628],["Cooked Meats",630],["Drinks",601],["Packaged Food",629]], [["ItemTinBar","TrashJackDaniels",1,1,"buy","Empty Wiskey Bottle","Tin Bar",101]], "friendly" ]; // Medical Supplies menu_Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 = [ [["Chem-lites/Flares",542],["Medical Supplies",541],["Smoke Grenades",543]], [["FoodBioMeat","ItemZombieParts",1,1,"buy","Zombie Parts","Bio Meat",101]], "friendly" ]; // North Wholesaler menu_RUS_Commander = [ [["Wholesale",555]], [], "neutral" ]; // General Store 3 menu_Damsel5 = [ [["Backpacks",632],["Clothes",631],["Cooked Meats",634],["Drinks",633],["Packaged Food",635]], [["ItemTinBar","TrashJackDaniels",1,1,"buy","Empty Wiskey Bottle","Tin Bar",101]], "neutral" ]; // West Wholesaler menu_TK_Special_Forces_MG_EP1 = [ [["Wholesale",636]], [], "neutral" ]; // North Boat Vendor menu_TK_Special_Forces_EP1 = [ [["Boats Armed",558],["Boats Unarmed",557]], [], "neutral" ]; // Weapons neutral 2 menu_Ins_Soldier_AR = [ [["Assault Rifle",637],["Light Machine Gun",638],["Pistols",674],["Shotguns and Single-shot",641],["Sniper Rifle",640],["Submachine Guns",642]], [], "neutral" ]; // Ammunition Neutral 2 menu_Ins_Lopotev = [ [["Assault Rifle Ammo",643],["Light Machine Gun Ammo",644],["Pistol Ammo",646],["Shotguns and Single-shot Ammo",649],["Sniper Rifle Ammo",647],["Submachine Gun Ammo",648]], [], "neutral" ]; // Vehicles Neutral 2 menu_Ins_Worker2 = [ [["Bikes and ATV",650],["Buses and Vans",651],["Cargo Trucks",653],["Fuel Trucks",655],["Military Unarmed",658],["Trucks",659],["Used Cars",660],["Utility Vehicles",661]], [], "neutral" ]; // Neutral Building/Parts menu_Ins_Woodlander3 = [ [["Building Supplies",662],["Toolbelt Items",663],["Vehicle Parts",664]], [], "neutral" ]; // Medical Supplies 2 menu_Dr_Hladik_EP1 = [ [["Chem-lites/Flares",666],["Medical Supplies",665],["Smoke Grenades",668]], [["FoodBioMeat","ItemZombieParts",1,1,"buy","Zombie Parts","Bio Meat",101]], "neutral" ]; // Boat Trader 2 menu_Ins_Woodlander2 = [ [["Boats Armed",673],["Boats Unarmed",672]], [], "neutral" ]; // Medical Supplies 3 menu_pook_Doc_Bell47 = [ [["Chem-lites/Flares",669],["Medical Supplies",670],["Smoke Grenades",671]], [["FoodBioMeat","ItemZombieParts",1,1,"buy","Zombie Parts","Bio Meat",101]], "neutral" ];
  8. Brutus

    Debug monitor Help

    Fixed, thank you
  9. Brutus

    Debug monitor Help

    Yes thank you i did the change and my custom monitor was ever called rightly, i'm waiting for the restart to see if it still spamed rtp. PS: the edit would say just with the older SQF posted in main topic i v got the debug working 100% just the rtp spamed
  10. Brutus

    Debug monitor Help

    Hi; My custom monitor worked like a charm before the lastest steam update. Anyway it's called from init trought client side mission. I ll try your correction. Thx for all. Edit: anyway the custom monitor working 100% just getting this rtp spamed. I will tell tomorrow after next restart if it was fixed
  11. Hi, They can use DayZ launcher New tools to join new steam server easily like dz comander did
  12. Brutus

    Debug monitor Help

    this is already what i have
  13. Brutus

    Debug monitor Help

    Thx mate, here it's the new alert now spamed rpt: 19:15:40 Error in expression <t'>%11 Minutes</t> ",(name player),(dayz_Survived),r_player_blood,(round(_hu> 19:15:40 Error position: <dayz_Survived),r_player_blood,(round(_hu> 19:15:40 Error Undefined variable in expression: dayz_survived 19:15:40 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Napf\custom\custom_monitor.sqf, line 31
  14. Brutus

    Debug monitor Help

    Hi all, here it's my debug monitor script: if (isNil "custom_monitor") then {custom_monitor = true;} else {custom_monitor = false;}; while {custom_monitor} do { _kills = player getVariable["zombieKills",0]; _killsH = player getVariable["humanKills",0]; _killsB = player getVariable["banditKills",0]; _humanity = player getVariable["humanity",0]; _headShots = player getVariable["headShots",0]; _pic = (gettext (configFile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> (typeof vehicle player) >> 'picture')); if (player == vehicle player) then { _pic = (gettext (configFile >> 'cfgWeapons' >> (currentWeapon player) >> 'picture')); } else { _pic = (gettext (configFile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> (typeof vehicle player) >> 'picture')); }; hintSilent parseText format [" <t size='2'font='Bitstream'align='center' color='#104E8B' >%1</t><br/> <t size='1.25'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#104E8B'>Survie depuis:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%2 Jours</t><br/> <t size='1.25'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#EE0000'>Santé:</t><t size='1.25' font='Bitstream'align='right'>%3</t><br/> <t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#ffcc00'>Humanité:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%4</t><br/> <t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#ff0000'>Meurtres:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%5</t><br/> <t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#16ba00'>Bandits tués:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%6</t><br/> <t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#ffcc00'>Zombies tués:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%7</t><br/> <t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#ffcc00'>Tir tête:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%8</t><br/> <t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#ffcc00'>FPS:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%9</t><br/> <img size='3' image='%10'/><br/> <t size='1.25'font='Bitstream'align='left'color='#104E8B'>Redémarrage:</t><t size='1'font='Bitstream'align='right'>%11 Minutes</t> ",dayz_playerName,(dayz_Survived),r_player_blood,(round(_humanity)),_killsH,_killsB,_kills,_headShots,floor(diag_fps),_pic,(round(360-(serverTime)/60))]; sleep 1; }; So far it working without any problem. Since the new steam patch RTP get spamed with this alert: 13:22:17 Error in expression <eam'align='right'>%11 Minutes</t> ",dayz_playerName,(dayz_Survived),r_player> 13:22:17 Error position: <dayz_playerName,(dayz_Survived),r_player> 13:22:17 Error Undefined variable in expression: dayz_playername 13:22:17 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Napf\custom\custom_monitor.sqf, line 31 Any help?
  15. HFBs just gave my money back right now from paypal. After 2 months. But they did it.
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