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  1. its 8:26 in the morning and you have managed to give me a headache already, but i love it, i am new too dayz coding so im learning from old friends and doing and redoing, any and all advice is appreciated, :D
  2. thank you! that would really really help me alot, if u see where i am going wrong maybe u can show me and ill learn, thanks alot man :D
  3. ah yes, i ahve had this version on, but unfortunatly it stil cancels out the coin and banking system, dont know if im doing something wrong, and if i am, cant find out what
  4. BetaT

    Vehicle Key Changer

    hay guys, well i have been trying to put vkc on my server, but everytime i install it i loose my coin system and banking, no money, u can sell a gun and get nothing, i dont know how to add a coin system to the script, if there is anyone willing to help someone like me that wants to learn how to do this and actually get it working, i would really appreciate it
  5. im having some issues with this mod, i can get it on my server easy enough, but it doesnt work, it takes out my coin system en any and all currency, ive looked at the scripts trying to find where i can change it from gold to coins, but im too new to this, anyone that can help me with that? when the mod is installed, it removes the coin and bank completly, all money in ur bank and on you dissapears
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