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  1. Please make this for !! Great work man!
  2. Thug, That is actully a really smart idea! Becouse trying to use the ones that are there.. Wich i did.. is bound to fail..
  3. What a beast!! Salival took a look on my mission.pbo and reworked the whole thing so its now working! He also told me that i actully had done everything right but that it was survival servers system that was breaking it.. Salival, alot of props to you man!! This is so awsome! Thousands of thx!!
  4. _Lance_ The only part of code i could not find in my fn_selfactions was this: if (_isVehicle && {_characterID == "0"} && {_hasKeyKit} && {!_isMan} && {_isAlive}) then { if (s_player_claimVehicle < 0) then { _totalKeys = call epoch_tempKeys; _temp_keys = _totalKeys select 0; _temp_keys_names = _totalKeys select 1; if (count _temp_keys > 0) then { s_player_claimVehicle = player addAction [format ["<t color=""#0096FF"">Claim %1</t>",_text],"scripts\vkc\vehicleKeyChanger.sqf",[_cursorTarget,_characterID,"claim",_temp_keys,_temp_keys_names],5,true,true]; }; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_claimVehicle; s_player_claimVehicle = -1; };
  5. Hey Salival I know your not for globalbanking but this is very nice of you! and very much appricieted!! I got everything else working so its nothing wrong with your way of explaing things! Its very noob friendly! I really like your install instructions. A really nice guy (DAKA) offerd to have a look in my .pbo to see if he could find what was wrong. Thx alot to you all! :))
  6. Well.. thats the thing.. Im using the fn_selfactions from globalbanking folder.. I have not changed anything in it..
  7. Yeah i know the thing with looking thru the rifle sight or zooming in on the trader.. Im not extatly sure what you mean when you say "merge" I used the fn_selfActions.sqf from the global banking folder.. So i shouldent have to change anything in it, right?? Thx for good response! Ps. all the other trader menus are working.. maybe that dosent mean anything.. but thought i tell you that
  8. I have replaced all the files from global banking.. The only thing i cannot replace is the init and the description.. since im renting my server from survival.. And thier system is.. yeah.. anywho.. I tryed to add all the lines and need to add in the init and the description.. still no luck :(( Thx for response!
  9. Salival I installed This and i got the currency to work and so on.. And im trying to install so we can save money in the bank.. So far i got the bank dude so you can see him in the traderzones but when you walk up to him there is no menu.. Can you think what i might forgot? /Irok
  10. irok

    Australia SpawnCenter

    Hello! Does anyone have this knowledge? I need Australia Spawn Center Like for exampel: Altis: [14939.9, 0.0534991, 15083.3] <------- I need this for Australia /Irok
  11. Hi! Does someone have spawnCenter for Australia?? Love this script! Keep up the good work!! /Irok
  12. Somthing that would be nice is to have all the buildings in Australia to spawn loot.. Meaby someone got this to work? Do anyone have the class names for the "Australia buildings" /Irok
  13. irok

    Crate Trader

    Nice work! I think this is a nice idea :)) Will give it a go /Irok
  14. Hello :) Is there not anyone who can help me? The script is working perfect if i turn battleye of.. But as soon as i turn it on i get that messege :( Really love this mod! Really wannna get it to work /Irok EDIT: i FIXED IT!! Thx anyway though :) :)
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