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    The loadouts only affect new characters (new players, respawns from death).
    If you want to give a single player a custom loadout then use: if (getPlayerUID player == "12345678901234567890") then { rest of code };
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    What Jason said is right. If you check for an individual player id, use:
    if (getPlayerUID player == "1234567891011121314") then {
    You only get that loadout you specified in this code when you respawn means if you log out like a normal person, this code doesn't take effect. I was thinking that it's a hell of work to give each player an individual loadout that's why I suggested small groups, you can also do both. However you want.
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    Besides the check of every players uid, you can work with profileNameSpace.
    If you create a small dialog or an action menu where players can choose their weapons and spawn point, you can save it directly in the playerprofil locally on the pc of each player. it is a good possibility to work with. the downside of the that command is if a player change something on his profile like name changes, changes of the characters head these values getting overwritten. And you cannot call it from a server like normal variables. you have to convert it in another variable before.
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