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  1. This is a sexy mod. Cant wait to get balls deep into it. Does anyone know if there is a way to integrate it with deploy anything? So I set the deployable's in the deployanything config, is there a way to call them through the menu buttons?
  2. Thanks for the response man i will post over there. Got me nervous tho hope I can fix it what a pisstake though. We already had an infistar license for exilemod and arma2 from a few years back, but couldn’t use them as they had “expired”. He told use we had to rebuy, so we fork out again and this is what u get.
  3. Hey guys. Ive got a bit of a weird issue. I got this installed and it seemed to be working fine. However if I restart the server, Coins dont seem to load at all. As in the whole mod. I dont get the hud, seems to be random when it works. I have triple checked the install instructions and left all settings vanilla. Ive got a bit of my RPT here. is someone able to run their eyes over it and see if they notice anything please? https://pastebin.com/338BCXez Edit: so the coins load if I relog. So after the server starts I have to log in twice! Cheers
  4. Pretty easy installation considering what u gain with it. thanks
  5. That could work. what is respect though? As in humanity?
  6. really? Thats weird because I have searched "XP" , "experience"and "perk" on this forum and on google for no results. Any chance u could link a couple if its not too much trouble please? Obviously I have missed something.
  7. Yeh so, For example it would intergrate with other scripts like AI, and perhaps loadouts and deploy. U get xp for completing a mission, killing AI that kind of thing. For example u could then use that XP to purchase a loadout, Craft a structure maybe even spend it at trader. Do you think that is possible?
  8. Im wondering if anyone would be interested in making a script for an Overpoch server. I imagine it is quite complex, im looking for a perk/xp mod. I have played on servers with these but can not find a script shared anywhere. I dont expect anyone to work for free and would be willing to pay someone assuming we can agree on a price etc. If anyone is able to that hit me up so we can chat, Cheers
  9. Hi Soul I originally installed Variant 3 so I could use base maintenance (make damage update in database) which it seems to do perfectly thank you for that. I do have 2 issues if any body could shed some light on them please? 1. Players cash money is not updating- I have read through here to see some ppl are having the same issue but most ppl are not. Has anybody figured out what would cause this. I have triple checked all mergerd files and used diffmerge to merge existing files. I get this in yellow on my server console when I withdraw money- Update of character 78 only had 16 parameters out of 17 2. the player HUD no longer appears. Please help me someone. Thanks
  10. Mat43


    Hi I have a server I host on Vilayer and am trying to get the setDamageOnAge query to work in the data base. I have placed down some test building and when I run the event UPDATE `Object_DATA` SET `Damage`=0.2 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') ) It does not seem to do anything. I can see the buildings in the database, but when the query is ran it affects 0 rows and the items remain @ 0 damage. I have this set up on my local test server and it works fine. I am using Navicat lite Can any one help me please? PS. what is the difference between an "event" & a "query"?
  11. I was about to make a thread about this... So I want to make specific Items spawn 100% of the time at all missions. IN my config I have added: // Dynamic box array crate_custom = [["ItemBriefcase100oz",4],"AK_107_kobra","Winchester1866","revolver_EP1"]; So I want 4 briefs + the weapons. then in the missions I have ] call mission_winorfail; if(_complete) then { [_crate,0,0,[25,crate_items_chainbullets],2,[crate_custom]] call dynamic_crate; }; or ] call mission_winorfail; if(_complete) then { [_crate,[2,crate_weapons_buildables],[4,crate_tools_buildable],[30,crate_items_buildables],4,[crate_custom]] call dynamic_crate; }; Does this look correct? as it does not seem to work. Also what are the numbers that show after [_crate, ? Eg- [_crate,0,0, Cheers
  12. Mat43

    Weapons not working

    Hi all. I have just noticed that on my server, that when you buy a weapon from a trader, you can not use it. This included. looking down the scope, shooting and no crosshair appears like it usually would. Also when I buy the the gun and try to give my self ammo via Infistar tools it does not work. Its like the game does not register that I have a weapon. It is the same for all guns from all traders. please help. Cheers
  13. Hey mate, I am running it locally at the moment as a test server, the plan is to host it once its completed. Sounds Like it will be easier to get going once It is hosted.
  14. Thanks, that was how I was reading it, but couldnt get it to work. I'll keep fiddling. Any idea on the custom messages? Cheers
  15. Thanks for the response, I am still very confused. So I can see my arma 2 profiles for my game install in C:\Users\Mat\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles. I cant see this file on my server anywhere? Should I be putting this file into my server somewhere? Cheers
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