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  1. Have you looked at your signature ?
  2. Its solved, OVH game walls requires ports to be white listed.
  3. Give credit where due. You did not make this.
  4. They added some same weapons with attachments glued to it. Thats about it.
  5. Here are the CUP weapon Classnames: CUP_hgun_BallisticShield_Armed CUP_srifle_L129A1_HG CUP_srifle_L129A1 CUP_bipod_Harris_1A2_L CUP_bipod_VLTOR_Modpod CUP_B_AlicePack_Bedroll CUP_20Rnd_762x51_L129_M CUP_100Rnd_TE4_LRT4_White_Tracer_762x51_Belt_M
  6. Hello, I recently shutdown my servers, so i have more time to help others. If any of you guys need any help installing, fixing scripts. Setting up your servers, or fixing a bug, shoot my a private message and i will be happy to help. regards
  7. Lol gr8 does all the coding for GG. They aint paying no dami or whatever.
  8. There is no good reason behind it. It is easy to reset variables and event handlers by relogging after death. Thats why.
  9. Yes, per restart or per life. I know total kills isn't possible
  10. Interesting Script, Is it possible to pick people with the highest kill count on the server ?
  11. Looking forward to it :) Let us know the download link.
  12. pr0dukt

    Need Help fixing VD

    remove every thing from that file except, that should fix it setviewdistance 1500;
  13. every server has unique files. You need to do it yourself
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