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  1. Hi awesome stuff btw :P Anyway of getting this to work on an updated server or does one have to drop down to 1.0.5? Trying to move some files across now but no luck moving the entire server.pbo to our test server. Take care mate!
  2. Hi I'm new around here so please go easy on me :P Myself an a few others have started a new overpochins server called [SS]|Overpochins|Coins|ActiveADMINS|FullCustom|Semi-Militarized IP: Me and a few others have added some features/scripts like unpack little bird,towlift,missons,bankmoney ect... but were having problems finding a working sector b script which isn't out of date an a origins build trader w/buildings. Would appreciate it if anyone could help us an would be willing to give you guys who help some goodies on the server to start with. The server only holds upto 20 people so far but we will increase it when a few more people join. Using GTX servers. Cheers.
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