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  1. Sorry i forgot to add that apparantly: This is in my MPMission init: if (!isDedicated) then { //Customized functions //Check if a Player is online by its PlayerUID fnc_isPlayerOnline = { private ["_uid", "_isOnline"]; _uid = _this; _isOnline = false; { if (isPlayer _x and {_uid == getPlayerUID _x}) exitWith { diag_log format ["[Dome] Found owner with uid = %1,", getPlayerUID _x]; _isOnline = true; }; } foreach playableUnits; _isOnline }; };
  2. You can use BIS_fnc_findSafePos with the position of the drop as center and a small (like 100m) range to create a new center for the circle you make on the map. I actually do it the other way around: // This selects thegeneral area where to pawn the box, and this is the center of the marker. _position = [_spawnMarker,0,_spawnRadius,10,0,2000,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; //Marker: Just as example for the position //_event_marker = createMarker [ format ["loot_event_marker_%1", _start_time], _position]; //Calculating a location to place the box on: _loot_pos = [_position,0,(_markerRadius - 100),20,0,2000,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; enjoy
  3. Are you perhaps forgetting to load the client files all together? the parameter should be [email protected]_epoch;@dayz_epoch_server; to load both
  4. It depends on how often the event is called through DZE_EpochEvents
  5. I consider those anti-material snipers not really rifle. I'm asking if something like FN-FAL would work against armored vehicles. I havent tested any AI yet, but it would be good to know if i should use turrets for close range vs armored vehicles.
  6. check arma2oaserver.rpt in the instance folder on the server, and arma2oa.rpt in your C:\User\URUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\local\Arma 2\ and post the errors here. Preferably delete all logs, en start everything again, to create a log of just 1 start.
  7. If I am correct, you could see the 500 ones as a function based on the variables you enter, while the 999 one wants a query. It would make no sense to try to make it more secure, and then leave the unsecure backdoor wide open. As vbawol states, we can write our own DLL's too, unfortunately for me thats out of my league (at least for now). Also from what I understood from Axe Cops attempt to explain things to me, this isnt just a "Hey, lets place this piece of code here and ctrl + s and tadaa", the process of creating the dll's are bit more labour extensive than this. Thus if i may conclude my point of view, we need documentations, and possibly more options with the 500 calls. I'd do it myself if i had the knowledge, but I dont , so i will wait 'till epoch does something with it , or until someone is perhaps willing to make a custom dll for me :)
  8. You can edit it for that, but i dont see why you would log access if you are already teleporting them out of the dome :)
  9. Any machine gun or rifle /close range gun that will make AI shooting at armored vehicles that has been tested perhaps?
  10. As much as I want to run sql query's , i cant sign this petition . You got a few things wrong, 1. Epoch isn't "moving" to arma3, they are simply also going to support it. They aren't abandoning the arma2 version as you are suggestion, and i really wonder where you gained this wisdom. 2. They already have working custom SQL's on the server, I'm guessing the plan is to improve this and thus create a safer way than the 999 calls. 3. If I'm not mistaken, an abused child:999 call with full access can also remove your backups (but thats speculation). So, eventhough I do want to use custom tables and such, i have hope that the Epoch crew can solve this in their own way and thus i dont think it is needed to have a petition of some sort.
  11. Torrent the latest client & server files instead of using the ones from dzc, seems to fix updating problems from to 1.0.4+. In instance / config.cfg, make sure you have: verifySignatures = 2; Lastly, make sure you DONT load @dayzsauerland with the -mod parameter, since it is loaded through @dayz_epoch files already.
  12. Access Logging Dome Script Note: You will need to know what your doing to install this. Credit to Axe Cop and infistar for helping me figure some stuff out Features: Does NOT kill players that enter the dome! Allows the server admin to "protect" bases while the base owners are offline, by logging dome access to the server report file. Prevents building/logging out inside the dome for players who are not whitelisted when the owners of the dome are offline. Does none of this when the owners are online (on our server, they have to defend their own turf). The actual Dome Script (ie: MPMission / scripts / dome.sqf): private ["_owners","_name","_ownerOnline","_baseOwner"]; //List of owners _baseOwner = "Randomness"; //Define a name for this area _owners = ["314515521"]; //Array of owners of this area _ownerOnline = false; _name = name player; // Check if the player IS one of the owners if ((getPlayerUID player) in _owners) exitWith { titleText [format ["Welcome, %1", _name], "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; // welcomes you with your name }; // Check if one of the owners is online { diag_log format ["[Dome] Currently Processing admin with puid: %1", _x]; if (_x call fnc_isPlayerOnline) exitWith { _ownerOnline = true; diag_log format ["[Dome] base owner with puid: %1 is online", _x]; }; } foreach _owners; if (!_ownerOnline) exitWith { // What happens if unauthorized players get into the dome titleText ["Approaching donator base! Do not harm this base while the owners are offline! Activity is logged!", "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; //Disabling building and logging out for dome visitors canbuild = false; //Activating logging function dome_WriteLog = [_name, _baseOwner]; publicVariableServer "dome_WriteLog"; }; if (_ownerOnline) exitWith { canbuild = false; titleText ["Woof Woof! Watch out, the guard dogs spotted you!", "PLAIN DOWN", 4]; }; A trigger for this dome in mission.sqm: Note: of course all these coordinates and stuff require some editing class Item6 { position[]={13960.541,1.148,7940.4688}; a=120; b=120; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="sensor_1"; expCond="(player distance sensor_1) < 120;"; expActiv="dome_1 = [] execVM ""scripts\dome.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate dome_nnnl; titleText [""You have left the dome"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 4]; canbuild=true;"; class Effects { }; }; Inside the MPMission init.sqf or somewhere where its run serverside: if (isServer) then { "dome_WriteLog" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _data = _this select 1; diag_log format ["[DOME] Player %1 accessed %2 base at %3",_data select 0, _data select 1, time]; }; }; Instance / Battleye / publicVariable.txt In the line containing 5 "" , at the end add !="dome_WriteLog" (optional) for Infistar antiHack, inside AH.sqf: Find: } forEach ['allUnits','entities','allMissionObjects','vehicles','playableUnits']; replace with: } forEach ['allUnits','entities','allMissionObjects','vehicles']; Enjoy
  13. Edit your mission.sqm file in the MPMission pbo ur using, the addon list has to look like this: addOns[]= { "sauerland", "ca_modules_animals", "dayz_anim", "dayz_code", "dayz_communityassets", "dayz_weapons", "dayz_equip", "dayz_epoch", "dayz_vehicles", "cacharacters_pmc", "ca_modules_functions", "warfarebuildings", "glt_m300t", "pook_h13", "csj_gyroac", "map_eu", "jetskiyanahuiaddon" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "dayz_weapons", "ca_modules_functions", "sauerland" }; This will load sauerland instead of chernarus.
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