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  1. Hey and yeah, I was told that if you also have indestructible cinder, that will effect the rotation. So solution is to mainly remove the indestructible cinder and make the values of each item like "3,000,000,000" or something. And that should fix this, now I haven't tested whether that will work or not but thats what people are saying the problem is. If anyone gets this, do a tutorial for everyone!
  2. deltagi

    SQL events

    I was wondering how I would make this mod Is there any tutorials for SQL evnets out there? Where do I put this bit of code? DROP EVENT IF EXISTS resetVaults; CREATE EVENT resetVaults ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'Sets safe codes to 0000 if not accessed for 14 days' DO UPDATE `object_data` SET `CharacterID` = 0 WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `CharacterID` > 0 AND `Classname` IN ('VaultStorageLocked') AND `Inventory` <> '[]' AND `Inventory` IS NOT NULL Thanks Aurora!
  3. hey I was wondering if someone could help me with a error I am getting. The error is anytime I try to snap build a wall or something to a existing object after the server has restarted, instead of being at a 45 degree angle perfectly inline with a already existing wall it will spawn at like a 35.33455 degree angle. It really annoying because as soon as you place that new object everything will be perfectly inline with that new object. But as soon as server restarts it will go to being slightly off again. Currently running: Vector Building Plot for Life Precise Building Snap Building Pro Indestructible Cinder When placing the object (after restart) it is inline with the world xyz and cant be changed unless going through a bunch of small vector movements to make the object essentially snap to the old object. Anyone know what could be currently wrong??? Photo of whats happening: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=455425776
  4. that still didn't work, no errors but it didn't recognize the text at all. -Aurora is there a already made file in compiles.sqf to use?
  5. Yes It looks perfect it just appears for x number of seconds then disappears. I feel like I maybe didn't install it right but every time I press "insert" the debug shows, but it feels as if it on a timer.
  6. anyone get this working??? -Aurora
  7. Hey i am wondering how i would have the debug automatically appears on the screen, I want it to be already up when you spawn. All of the code is in and if i press insert it appears but then it goes away after 10 seconds or so. any thoughts? -Aurora
  8. So I have been thinking of things to add to my server and I want to make a new system to show the AI missions that are newly made. Such as "Blah Blah mission is up go get the gold, Check map for location" -WAI So I want to take the infistar broadcast message and use that with WAI to message the whole server in a more good looking way. adminmsg2 = { createDialog 'RscDisplayPassword'; ctrlSetText [1001,'BroadCast Message Plugin']; ctrlSetText [101,'']; ctrlshow [1002,false]; buttonSetAction [1,'PVAH_AdminReq = [91, player, toArray(ctrlText 101), ''#FFCC00'']; publicVariableServer ''PVAH_AdminReq'';']; }; That is the colored broadcast message for infistar and I was wondering how I could use that in the WAI missions plugin that looks like this for its message system. //Condition _complete = [ [_mission,_crate], // mission number and crate ["crate"], // ["crate"], or ["kill"], or ["assassinate", _unitGroup], [_vehicle], // cleanup objects "Heroes have taken an armed vehicle from the bandits! Check your map for the location!", // mission announcement "Bandits have secured the armed vehicle!", // mission success "Bandits did not secure the armed vehicle in time" // mission fail ] call mission_winorfail; I know most styling languages so how would I go about making it look like infistars broadcast message. I know this is possible because a old server I used to play on had this. If I can get something that looks close that would be awesome thanks! -Aurora
  9. A few questions do I still need plot for life or has it been added in game already? next in my game files when I load into, I don't take ownership of any of the objects. It also doesn't register any items on the plot pole. Everything is working and I can load in. When trying to upgrade it says "Unable to upgrade plot pole nearby" and when I die the plot pole doesn't stay with me.
  10. I know its possible to achieve one restart always starting as night and the next day, but im not sure how to achieve this... Chilz (server admin) had this in his server, but has gotten back to me so im not sure how to implement this... if there are any variables you know of that i can mess with it would be much appreciated thanks!!! -Aurora
  11. would I be able to achieve the same thing this thread ask for using this script? I want only 3 hours night and the rest of Real Life day time to be 21 hours day. Thanks -Aurora
  12. would I be able to achieve the same thing this thread ask for using this script? I want only 3 hours night and the rest of Real Life day time to be 21 hours day. Thanks -Aurora
  13. deltagi

    Cannot pack bike

    I actually managed to fix it,after i decided to give up, I came back and started to redo some of my coding that I had done, and mods somewhat relating, IE. Right click mod, was holding up and wouldn't allow scrolling on bike to happen because of the mod was in a loop forever. Fix this by correctly redoing my compiles.sqf and correcting my init.sqf (ui_selfActions was the command I accidentally through into my init.sqf)
  14. So I am wondering how I would set up a day/night cycle. Example: Most of the day irl (21hours) is day and (3 hours) is night. I believe I need to mess around with the hivext.ini and download and install BEC, but there is not clear guide or any confirmed method to make this work. Much thanks -Aurora Edit 1: I want it to be 11:30pm-2:30am (1/8 restarts) to be night time.
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