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  1. dodget90

    removing wrecks

    i have it fixed now thanks to juandayz for helping me now if u only wanna remove the scroll menu action to remove the action over the wreck.. the open your custom fn_selfactions.sqf find that line: if (!_restrict && (_isDestructable || _typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_isWreck || _typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_isWreckBuilding || _typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_isRemovable)) then { and remove the condition: || _typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_isWreck so its looks: if (!_restrict && (_isDestructable || _typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_isWreckBuilding || _typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_isRemovable)) then {
  2. dodget90

    removing wrecks

    on my server if i am looking at a wreck vehicle like a hummer or a ural or whatever i can scroll my wheel and see an option to remove the wreck , if i select that i will start deconstructing it , is there a way to remove this feature because some of my custom map content has vehicle wrecks placed and i dont want them removed , also not sure if related but whenever im in a building or facing one i get a scroll option to repair or salvage the building is there a way to stop this
  3. how can i post multiple images here , i have four jpeg images to explain what i mean but i can only attach one in my reply
  4. if (isText(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _x >> "Attachments" >> _name) or _name in getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _x >> "magazines")) then { is this what I'm looking for, do I need to make my own config file for each weapon I modify? , the problem im having is when I go into the weapon menu and say click on the m9 for example, it will show me the weapon name, the magazines it can use and the attachments in this example it says I can use a 9mm Suppressor, if I then buy the weapon and then go back into the traders and select the attachments list then the 9mm suppresor text will be blue if it attaches to my weapon and green if I already have it, but the weapons I have modified still say attachments none in the trader list, what you guys have already helped me with I can right click the weapon in my inventory and attach things no problem there but I cant click on the attachments and attach them that way, I hope I explained this well and I appreciate the help so far I was just wondering if this is possible
  5. if I'm in the trader's menu buying a weapon and it says on the right what attachments said weapon can have and the font turns blue or green letting me know said attachment fits my weapon, where is the file so I can add my changes in there
  6. I got it working now thanks for the help again
  7. okay thanks guys im away to try it now
  8. thanks for the info , i will give it a try tonight , what right click addon are you using? ,also how is these scripts setup like are they called from the init? , sorry to be a pain
  9. dodget90

    weapon attachments

    whats involved in creating custom weapon attachments? for example, if I wanted to right click my Makarov and attach the pistol flashlight attachment from the weapon trader or add an acog scope to my kar 98 rifle
  10. dodget90

    bad vehicle type

    Thank you , I have my backup running just now, the problems only happening when people die now, after the five second wait death screen we get the error so I think il have to look at the cleanup player death/spawn files I'm not sure
  11. dodget90

    player cleanup

    what does this mean in my server RPT
  12. dodget90

    bad vehicle type

    it looks like this class RHIB: Boat { displayName = "RHIB"; crew = ""; typicalCargo[] = {}; class TransportMagazines {}; class TransportWeapons {}; }; class RHIB2Turret: RHIB { displayName = "RHIB (Mk19)"; }; shouldnt it look like this class RHIB: Boat { displayName = "RHIB"; crew = ""; typicalCargo[] = {}; class TransportMagazines {}; class TransportWeapons {}; }; class RHIB2Turret: RHIB { displayName = "RHIB (Mk19)"; crew = ""; typicalCargo[] = {}; class TransportMagazines {}; class TransportWeapons {}; };
  13. dodget90

    bad vehicle type

    thanks for the reply , I'm not sure where to start looking, I haven't added any RHIB's to the server and it been fine for days until now , the only reference to rhib2turret is in @dayz_epoch\dayz_code\cfgvehicles\boat\RHIB.hpp ii tried deleting the class rhib2turret from there but it didn't make a difference, do you have an idea where to look?
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