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  1. Awesome work. I see you already implemented nearly all fixes I had from 1.0.4. But I have one question - why did you remove database traders? Some servers needs this feature, also I tried to implement it back with advanced trading interface on 1.0.6. I realy want players can buy only what was sold before. Not unlimited ammo clips and food, just limited amount what looters sold. If you want some special ammo, just go loot or use another weapon. Scripted traders killing this game, when you can have everything you want. So please, implement database traders back. :) Thanks a lot, guys.
  2. Hello Does SC work with database traders or scripted traders are required? For some reasons I need for my server database traders with limited amount of stuff (simple buy what others sold previously, nothing more). If not, can you modify script to work with database traders? Thanks a lot KostiCZ
  3. Yes, check first post on first page ... adding "#USER:_keyMenu" in the ALLOWED CMDMenus list (_cMenu=) as cen said is all you need to make this work properly :)
  4. Did you try to add big power generator? This is not ship, so will this problem be solved also for other objects or only for ships? Unfortunately I'm using GTX infiSTAR licence, it means I don't have access to AH.sqf file (only to config files)
  5. Create class Item1 with similar definition like Item0 but change the side from WEST to EAST, so both sides will be available
  6. Is there any way how to add these ships into _good array? Is it allowed vehicle list? Or how is _good determined? I have this problem also with another objects, not only these two ships.
  7. Problém solved, running my EPOCH server with OPFOR side only and players are for sure OPFOR side. Check your player_swapModel.sqf and edit: //Create New Character _group = createGroup east; //_newUnit = _group createUnit [_class,dayz_spawnPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _class createUnit [dayz_spawnPos, _group, "_newUnit=this;",0,"NONE"]; I don't know why that original createUnit command doesn't work, even with east group it created west side unit. So I replaced command with different syntax. In case you want both sides available (BLUFOR and OPFOR, you need to use original player side, so it can be like this: //BackUp Player Object _oldUnit = player; _oldSide = side player; /**********************************/ //DONT USE player AFTER THIS POINT// /**********************************/ diag_log format["player_switchModel 1: players side: %1 ",side player]; //Create New Character _group = createGroup _oldSide; //_newUnit = _group createUnit [_class,dayz_spawnPos,[],0,"NONE"]; _class createUnit [dayz_spawnPos, _group, "_newUnit=this;",0,"NONE"];
  8. I know that this thread is dead but maybe anybody found how to do it? I tried some tests and even I changed also west to east in my player_switchModel.sqf, I still have player at WEST side after he join game. I made easy script to check player's side and write it to log and I see that player is EAST side when he is still in debug, but later when spawned on map he is WEST side. Any idea? "DayZ Epoch: PRELOAD Functions\init [[L 1-1-A:1 REMOTE],any]" "DayZ Epoch: MPframework inited" "init.sqf: DZE_DefaultViewDistance = 1600" "DEBUG: loadscreen guard started." "Res3tting B!S effects..." "CLIENT_MONITOR: players side: EAST " "[AGN] Starting Trader City Safezone Commander!" B 1-1-A:1 REMOTE: Getting out while IsMoveOutInProgress "PLAYER RESULT: true" "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!" "infiSTAR.de - randvar26 created (1.674)" "SpawnWait: 601.7" "LocalZombies: 0/10" "GlobalZombies: 0/20" "dayz_maxCurrentZeds: 0/500" "infiSTAR.de - randvar1 started (1.838)" "infiSTAR.de - randvar1 created randvar27a (1.884)" "infiSTAR.de - 08-04-2015-v1401 - Successfully Loaded on Client ID138 (1.884)" "infiSTAR.de - randvar1 created randvar27 (1.884)" "SpawnWait: 609.886" "LocalZombies: 0/10" "GlobalZombies: 0/20" "dayz_maxCurrentZeds: 0/500" "CLIENT_MONITOR: players side: WEST "
  9. Anybody else has problems with Resource xxx not found? When I click Set new code, new window ingame appear with text Resource ckc_ui not found or Resource ckc_SafeUI not found (depends if i tried to set doors or safe). I have properly set my description.ext file (3 lines added) and ofcourse I have all files uploaded to the right folder. Nothing in server RPT, in client RPT I see only: Warning Message: Resource ckc_SafeUI not found
  10. Hmmm, first problem I solved by disabling dropping when player is inside cargo. It seems there is something wrong with checking of cargo crew and script things that there is player inside vehicle. So disable it and replace it with locking lifted vehicles. I did it and have no problems with dropping vehicles now. Second - it seems there is some relation to speed, when you fly fast, there is higher probability that parachute will not open. So solution can be to allow dropping only if speed is very low. I think it is game bug, the same like when you drop from heli when you change the seat (gunner<->cargo). Also never happened to me at low heli speed. There you can add condition to display drop option only if vehicle speed < for example 5
  11. Any idea how to make intro sound plays together with loading screen? I tried to play sound prior startloadingscreen command but even if I hear song started, it is muted during loading screen is displayed. I'm using RscDisplayLoadCustom but I didn't find this class, so I'm not able to modify it. I heard a lot of admins use DayZ_loadingScreen, but I don't know how to define it. Anybody can help?
  12. Anybody found the way how to fix scaffolding problem? When Í try to build it, it says I'm moved too far (more than 10m) from place where I started to build. This message appear immediatelly, so there is no chance to enable snap, hit f and move closer. It seems that there are wrongly defined coords for scaffolding...
  13. while {true} do { sleep 5; // No attacking Zeds near Plot Poles _thePlayer = player; _playerPos = getPos _thePlayer; if (true) then { _inZone = count (_playerPos nearObjects ["Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ",20]); if (_inZone > 0) then { player_zombieCheck = {}; } else { if (canBuild) then {player_zombieCheck = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_zombieCheck.sqf";}; }; }; }; What about to make zeds will not dissappear or be killed but only they don't attack you in your base?
  14. Hmmm, I just wanted to ask if anybody tried it with vector building and I see it in last post :) So when you will make it working, please post here some guide. :) Striker's mod is exactly what I need to make working with this one...
  15. Thanks freakystyle for upload. I have 2 questions: Anybody found the way how to fix: 1. randomly dropping vehicles? I was using R3F before and replaced it with this one. But sometimes vehicles are dropped without any action from pilot side. Mostly it is not possible to lift vehicle again because it drops after several seconds again and again and it is really buthurt. 2. parachute is not spawning and attached to vehicle so there is about 50% chance that it will be dropped from 100m without parachute. Ofcourse I tried more than 50m (100m, 200m even higher) and still sometimes vehicles are dropped without chute. Thanks for any advice
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