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  1. Hello Forum I need one more time your Help Infistar has a Problem on my server with Fall Damage so i google and Find one fix i Change this _blockDamageFrom = [ '', // This might also block fall damage, however since hackers create Bombs using "createVehicleLocal" it sometimes results in us seeing it on our client as '' nothing. 'SmallSecondary', // also happens when a vehicle explodes 'HelicopterExploSmall','HelicopterExploBig', 'PipeBomb','TimeBomb', 'Mine','MineE', 'GrenadeHand','GrenadeHand_stone','grenadecore', 'R_57mm_HE','M_9M311_AA', 'M_AT2_AT','M_AT5_AT','M_AT6_AT','M_AT9_AT','M_AT13_AT','Bo_GBU12_LGB','Bo_FAB_250','G_Camel_HE','M_Ch29_AT','Sh_122_HE','Sh_125_SABOT','Sh_125_HE','R_Hydra_HE', 'R_GRAD','M_Hellfire_AT','M_Igla_AA','Sh_105_HE','B_20mm_AA','B_30x113mm_M789_HEDP','Sh_120_SABOT','Sh_120_HE', 'M_Maverick_AT','G_40mm_HE','Bo_Mk82','R_MLRS','M_R73_AA','R_80mm_HE','R_S8T_AT','M_Sidewinder_AA','M_Sidewinder_AA_F35','R_PG9_AT','R_OG9_HE','M_Stinger_AA','M_TOW_AT','M_TOW2_AT', 'M_Vikhr_AT','Sh_85_AP','Sh_85_HE','ARTY_Sh_122_HE','ARTY_Sh_122_WP','ARTY_Sh_105_HE','ARTY_Sh_105_WP','ARTY_Sh_81_HE','ARTY_Sh_81_WP','ARTY_Sh_82_HE','ARTY_Sh_82_WP', 'ARTY_R_227mm_HE_Rocket','ARTY_R_120mm_HE_Rocket','ARTY_Sh_82_ILLUM','ARTY_Sh_105_SADARM','ARTY_Sh_105_LASER','ARTY_Sh_105_SMOKE','ARTY_Sh_105_ILLUM','ARTY_Sh_122_SADARM', 'ARTY_Sh_122_LASER','ARTY_Sh_122_SMOKE','ARTY_Sh_122_ILLUM','ARTY_Sh_81_ILLUM' ]; to this _blockDamageFrom = [ 'SmallSecondary', // also happens when a vehicle explodes 'HelicopterExploSmall','HelicopterExploBig', 'PipeBomb','TimeBomb', 'Mine','MineE', 'GrenadeHand','GrenadeHand_stone','grenadecore', 'R_57mm_HE','M_9M311_AA', 'M_AT2_AT','M_AT5_AT','M_AT6_AT','M_AT9_AT','M_AT13_AT','Bo_GBU12_LGB','Bo_FAB_250','G_Camel_HE','M_Ch29_AT','Sh_122_HE','Sh_125_SABOT','Sh_125_HE','R_Hydra_HE', 'R_GRAD','M_Hellfire_AT','M_Igla_AA','Sh_105_HE','B_20mm_AA','B_30x113mm_M789_HEDP','Sh_120_SABOT','Sh_120_HE', 'M_Maverick_AT','G_40mm_HE','Bo_Mk82','R_MLRS','M_R73_AA','R_80mm_HE','R_S8T_AT','M_Sidewinder_AA','M_Sidewinder_AA_F35','R_PG9_AT','R_OG9_HE','M_Stinger_AA','M_TOW_AT','M_TOW2_AT', 'M_Vikhr_AT','Sh_85_AP','Sh_85_HE','ARTY_Sh_122_HE','ARTY_Sh_122_WP','ARTY_Sh_105_HE','ARTY_Sh_105_WP','ARTY_Sh_81_HE','ARTY_Sh_81_WP','ARTY_Sh_82_HE','ARTY_Sh_82_WP', 'ARTY_R_227mm_HE_Rocket','ARTY_R_120mm_HE_Rocket','ARTY_Sh_82_ILLUM','ARTY_Sh_105_SADARM','ARTY_Sh_105_LASER','ARTY_Sh_105_SMOKE','ARTY_Sh_105_ILLUM','ARTY_Sh_122_SADARM', 'ARTY_Sh_122_LASER','ARTY_Sh_122_SMOKE','ARTY_Sh_122_ILLUM','ARTY_Sh_81_ILLUM' ]; Now i got there Problem everyplayer will be kickt 23.12.2015 21:57:13: ***** ( 07fb38149565afdc073438ccf629ec29 - #5 "PVAHR_0_b5D5k1W6d3E7K9B2I6M1D2U8I" = ["**********","****************","BAN",[100,121,110,97,109,105,99,84,101,120,116,32,67,72,69,67,75,32,50]] This is my Publicvariable.txt //new 5 "" !"PVAHR_0_" !"PVDZE_" !="PV_HCRequest_spawn" !="PV_HCHeartbeat" !="PV_HCList" !="PV_HCDo_spawn" !="PV_HCRequest_spawn !"norrn" !"usec" !="remExField" !="remExFP" !="drn_AskServerDynamicWeatherEventArgs" !="norrinRAlie" !="BIS_effects_gepv" !="dayzPlayerLogin" !="dayzPlayerLogin2" !"PVAHR_" !="PVAH_AdminReq" !="PVAH_WriteLogReq" !="currentInvites" !="PVDZE_queryGarageVehicle" !="PVDZE_storeVehicle" !="PVDZE_spawnVehicle" !="currentInvites" !"cad_pvar_s" !="axeLampObjects" !="dayzHeliEvac" !="HCrequest_spawnRCV" !="HCsignalRCV" !="HCsignal" !="HClist" !="HCdo_spawn" !="HCrequest_spawn" !="clothesTaken" !="owner_B1" !="owner_B2" !="owner_B3" !="owner_H1" !="owner_H2" !="owner_H3" !="owner_SG" !="owner_LG" !="owner_KING" !="owner_SH" !="OriginsLockUnlock" !="Detain" !="PVDZ_ply_Arrst" 5 "norrn" !="norrnRACarUp" !="norrnRAPicUp" !="norrnRaDrag" !="norrnR180" !="norrnRalie" !="norrnRLact" !="norrnRALW" !="norrnRDead" 5 "usec" !="usecMorphine" !="usecBandage" !="usecBleed" 5 "PVDZE_" !"PVDZE_player" !="PVDZE_send" !="PVDZE_log_lockUnlock" !="PVDZE_Server_Simulation" !="PVDZE_veh_Update" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBody" !="PVDZE_plr_GutBodyZ" !="PVDZE_veh_Lock" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathB" !="PVDZE_maintainArea" !="PVDZE_obj_Publish" !="PVDZE_obj_Swap" !="PVDZE_plr_Save" !="PVDZE_obj_Delete" !="PVDZE_obj_Trade" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish2" !="PVDZE_zed_Spawn" !="PVDZE_plr_Died" !="PVDZE_plr_TradeMenu" !="PVDZE_veh_Upgrade" !="PVDZE_atp" !="PVDZE_plr_Login" !="PVDZE_plr_Login2" !="PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord" !="PVDZE_plr_DeathBResult" !="PVDZE_veh_SFix" !="PVDZE_plr_Hit" !="PVDZE_plr_HitV" !="PVDZE_veh_SFuel" !="PVDZE_plr_HideBody" !="PVDZE_plr_Morph" !="PVDZE_veh_Publish" !="PVDZE_plr_Characters" !="PVDZE_lockVault" !="PVDZE_obj_setlocalVars" !="PVDZE_obj_getlocalVars" !="PVDZE_EvacChopperFieldsUpdate" !="PVDZE_bank_Save" !="PVDZE_account_Doublecheck" !="PVDZE_veh_Colour" 5 "PVAHR_" ! "PVAHR_0" 1 "PVAH" 5 "remExFP" !="\"remExFP\" = \[,,\"per\",\"execVM\",\"ca\\Modules\\Functions\\init.sqf\"\]" !"\[,,\"per\",\"execVM\",\"ca\\Modules\\Functions\\init.sqf\"\]" 5="player" 5="server" 5 "fnc_plyrHit" 5 "AntiHack" 1 "Delete"
  2. since this update some buildable with upgrade will be duped if i upgrade the building
  3. Hello Forum maybe you can help me if anyone upgrade bulding Parts like door to locked door the door will be duped one is locked one is without lock very strange dont know why
  4. Nothing in UpdateObjects.sgf?
  5. Hm, then I do not have any idea for your ports.

    What does that mean: can you connect to the server bit it is not showing up in any lists like Dayz Launcher.

    Or does the server not start if the portsd are missing? I cannot really remember.

    Fact is if I do a netstat blabla | grep epoch, I see 4 open ports for my epoch process.

    I do not have the reportingIP=""; line anymore in my config...but don't think that this is the cause. But the parameter does also not show up on Bohemia Wiki anymore (server.cfg thread).

    1. Backtrack


      Pls dude contact me in TS3

  6. yes i have and i open the udp ports
  7. looks like that the server ignor most of server.cfg file but not all slots 64 if he is up not 100
  8. Hello, My steamport dont work netstat -tulpen | grep 15352/epoch udp 0 0* 1001 5170462 15352/epoch udp 0 0* 1001 5170459 15352/epoch hostName = "Ritter-von-Cumalot Overpoch Origins Cherno"; password = ""; passwordAdmin = "**************"; steamPort = 2300; steamQueryPort = 2301; reportingIP = ""; //"arma2oapc.master.gamespy.com"; logFile = "server.log"; motd[] = { "DayZ Overpoch Origins Mod", "", "Admin Backtrack" }; motdInterval = 5; maxPlayers = 100; kickDuplicate = 1; verifySignatures = 2; equalModRequired = 0; requiredBuild = 125548; voteMissionPlayers = 1; voteThreshold = 2; disableVoN = 0; vonCodecQuality = 10; persistent = 1; timeStampFormat = "short"; BattlEye = 1; requiredSecureId = 2; onUserConnected = ""; onUserDisconnected = ""; doubleIdDetected = ""; onUnsignedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onHackedData = "kick (_this select 0)"; onDifferentData = ""; class Missions { class DayZ { template = dayz_epoch_11.chernarus; difficulty = "veteran"; }; };
  9. origins Banner still there after buy i think there is some code missed
  10. are you sure? cause if i add the vehicle i get the Origins Banner above the vehicleand cant get in
  11. Hello Forum, im search for the script which does allowed to use the "new" Origins Cars Thanks
  12. How can i add Mission system like DZMS to the Headless Client
  13. Hello Forum Sice update and Arma 1.63 i have FPS probs Multicore using dont work good and ingame i got at 10 players 20 server fps I have 6k obhects in Database i7 3770 CPU 1gb Network and second Prob i got small Lags timeout 0 ::Start Dayz Server:: start "B" /REALTIME /AFFINITY 99 arma2oaserver.exe -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=3 -maxMem=2047 -noPause -port=2330 "-config=instance_13_Tavi\config.cfg" "-cfg=instance_13_Tavi\basic.cfg" "-profiles=instance_13_Tavi" "-name=instance_13_Tavi" "[email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;" cls @exit language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=1; Resolution_W=800; Resolution_H=600; Resolution_Bpp=32; MinBandwidth=768000; MaxBandwidth=104857600; MaxMsgSend=256; MaxSizeGuaranteed=640; class sockets { maxPacketSize=1400; }; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; MinErrorToSend=0.0040000002; MinErrorToSendNear=0.029999999; MaxCustomFileSize=0; Windowed=0;
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