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  1. What exactly is epoch 1.0.6+. Is this community work for including some mods/scripts or was that still released by the Epoch team? I think I've stopped working with (long ago ;) ) but contributed a bit fixing issues and also added features like 'spawn as a zombie' or 'gender selection' for the devd linux version at these times. Basically that was all done by writer.pl which parses the server dump file for specific messages to then write stuff to the db. But as mentioned above the BI scripting language is really awful and nothing goes fast. But maybe if there is a kind of team I will remember some things and also like to contribute here. Not yet sure if any effort still makes sense.
  2. Hi 

    da du aus Deutschland kommst kann ich dir ja auf Deutsch schreiben was es mir wesentlich einfacher macht.


    Ich habe einen lInux A3Epoch Server erstellt genau nach deiner Anleitung auf youtube.. allerdings mit neueren files (ist ja schon was her) 

    Server läuft! nur wenn ich spawne dann erscheint im Log Server Error Player without Identity! 

    Was für mich so viel bedeutet als würde er keinen chracter laden bzw erstellen können auf den der server zugreifen kann..

    hättest du einen kleinen Tipp für mich wie oder wo ich da was machen kann?



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    2. jahangir13


      Weißt du zufällig, ob man bei A3Epoch jetzt eigene Skripte einfügen kann? Als ich noch damit rumprobiert hatte, konnte man den nur Vanilla (also wie er vom Epoch-Team ausgeliefert wurde) nutzen.

    3. xXLeVeLXx


      klar kann man 

      kannst meinen Server gern mal testen : 2402 Altis Epoch Viele Skripts!!

      kannst du auch ein selbst ertselltes addon runter laden von unserer Hp 

      damit sind dann neue autos und jede menge stuff verfügbar 

      aktuell arbeite ich an noch an einem Chernarus Server epoch 

    4. jahangir13


      Lol, Hetzner? ;)

      Mein Co-Admin hats vorhin geschafft, dass der Server beim Booten nicht mehr hoch fährt. Jetzt kann ich schauen wie ich die Kiste wieder anbekomme.

      Ich schau mir den Server gerne mal an, wenn ich die Probleme behoben habe^^

  3. Just wanted to make sure the friend might have any Hack Menu (whatever tool) installed client side which always kicks him if it's always him joining as the second player ;) I think I did read that wrong initially. You are using the infistar admintool, not the Noxsicarius one, I guess. I would say you are not using the correct battleye filter files which are needed by the infistar version you use. Not sure how to get these but I saw some posts where people asked infistar for the files...after that server was working as normal without kicks.
  4. "but there is just this problem that, it is only the first admin who joins the server and opens the admintool that can use it??? everytime that more than 1 admin tryes to use it the other admins get kicked and this message comes up" Did you try to change the order of admins logging in or is it always you logging in as the first admin user and your friend is always the second? What happens if you do NOT login and just let your friend login as an admin...is it then working for him? Just want to ensure that your hint with the 2nd admin does not lead to a completely wrong idea of what the problem really is. But I do not really get this information out of what you wrote so far. But I think it will be helpful if you mention what you've already tested to isolate the issue?
  5. Hey man-

    I dont know if you remember me but we figured out alot of problems of making an epoch ser on arma about a year ago. And now i've tryed starting up a new one just at my home now just for fun u know and its still on linux. I have followed your videos agains cuz i've forgot everything lol, but ye everything is kinda working on the linux machine so far and started up ./epoch.sh and everthing is fine, but i cannot seem to find my server in the arma2oa multiplayer server list by going to remote you know...

    And i've tryed testing the portforwarding i did here home and stuff by going here

    but i still cant find my server on arma? btw port is just set to 2306.


    Hope you're still around and able to help


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    2. jahangir13


      I did not care about Epoch for a longer time now. But my servers/directories are still there.

      So I think I cannot help much with A3 epoch. Currently we play more Battle Royale ;)

    3. noobienater


      ah okay this is A" still tho lol. Do you have any knowledge about infistar?


    4. jahangir13


      No, never used it.

  6. Use an absolute path here: use constant PATH => '/home/epoch/epochserver/'; # Set your epoch server dir The path need to point to your servers directory. And have a look if your server executable really has the name 'server'. If it has another name you need to rename it to 'server' or change it in restarter.pl here in the check condition ( unless (-f PATH.'server') { ).
  7. Hm, then I do not have any idea for your ports.

    What does that mean: can you connect to the server bit it is not showing up in any lists like Dayz Launcher.

    Or does the server not start if the portsd are missing? I cannot really remember.

    Fact is if I do a netstat blabla | grep epoch, I see 4 open ports for my epoch process.

    I do not have the reportingIP=""; line anymore in my config...but don't think that this is the cause. But the parameter does also not show up on Bohemia Wiki anymore (server.cfg thread).

    1. Backtrack


      Pls dude contact me in TS3

  8. Do you have the steam_appid.txt and the steam *.so files inside the server directory?
  9. Hey, why do you not have a look into the epoch linux server files? There you can see how it is writen to the db via diag_log. Extract the epoch server .pbo and have a look at scripts which update vehicles for example (I don't have the correct names now in front of me but you will find them by the name). And have a look into writer.pl as this is the place where the db reads/updates/deletes happen. The script parses the information from the server log file. Therefore the epoch server scripts write it into the log.
  10. The cache should not be a problem. Just do the changes in the db when the server is down in a restart. Thats a part of a script I've used in my server to do cleanup tasks in the db. I guess I've started this from restarter.pl everytime before the server is actually started. #!/usr/bin/perl # use DBI; use warnings; use strict; use constant { INSTANCE => 24, # Chernarus instance DB_NAME => 'epoch', # Set database name DB_LOGIN => 'your_db_user', # Set database login DB_PASSWD => 'your_db_user_pass', # Set database password DB_HOST => 'localhost', # Set database host DB_PORT => 3306, # Set database port (default 3306) }; # connect to the db my $dbh = connect_to_db(); # Here you call your function for cleanup or whatever clean_player_login_data(); # disconnect again $dbh->disconnect; exit; #--------------------------------------------------------------------------- # SQL Query Sub-functions # sub connect_to_db { my $dbh = DBI->connect('dbi:mysql:'.DB_NAME.':'.DB_HOST.':'.DB_PORT, DB_LOGIN, DB_PASSWD, {'PrintError' => 1, 'RaiseError' => 1, 'AutoCommit' => 1}) or die "Can't connect to mysql: $!"; $dbh->{'mysql_auto_reconnect'} = 1; return $dbh; } # Clean player_login data older than 2 days sub clean_player_login_data { my $sql = "DELETE FROM `Player_LOGIN` WHERE `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 2 DAY);"; my $sth = $dbh->prepare ($sql); my $res = $sth->execute (); $sth->finish; return $res; } The perl script connects to the db and executes the function, here clean_player_login_data{}. The function called a few lines above. Of course you can create more functions. The clean_player_login_data function is the example where you need to enter the query you've posted. You could also have a look at a video I made some time ago which contains some useful sql queries: " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLLbjWttBZ4 "
  11. Hm, I did not check for a while. I can also not find my server in DZLauncher. But it shows up in the steam-URL you've posted.
  12. I can see the server now. I guess it should also show up in DZLauncher. But it seems that DZL does not show me the server list now ;) I cannot remember exactly...but if it does not show up there, you may need to add the steamport instead of the server game port in Dayz Launcher.
  13. Hm, I cannot connect to your server from ingame. So I'm not sure if the ports are really open.
  14. Hm, so the only difference is that you have these lines additionally at the end of playerLogin: if (_isNew) then { diag_log format["Player %1 Character %2 is NEW", _playerID, _charID]; [_charID, _playerID, _playerObj] call server_changePlotsOwner; }; But I guess this has nothing to do with the loadout. I also did some changes to writer.pl (and in my video description I remark that the fixed writer.pl (with JSON fixes) is needed from denisios Arma2oa Linux Server GitHub page. But I think if you use single currency, they did also changes to writer.pl. You can also send me that (writer.pl) but I think now it's getting complicated to understand for me what they've changed for single currency. I use one of the columns (infected) in the character cache files to see if player is infected or not (or added it there). Column infected was NOT used by devd in the linux port in mysql table character_data. So, I've added this to have it the same as in the windows version. And if I remember correctly they also added a new column to character_data for single currency. Devd did not add my gender/zombie changes to his GitHub Linux server version for whatever reason or he did not see my request. Would have been easier if additional scripts could be developed and added to a more consolidated version (and gender select or play as a zombie is not a new extension...it's part of the standard epoch). That leads to what we have here: scripts and changes individually done do not fit together anymore unfortunately. This will be possible to check/fix, but I cannot test anything. If you can provide a screenshot or something how the column names in character_data look like in your server (maybe with an example data row), your writer.pl and a player cache file...maybe I can find a fix/workaround. Or maybe DeanReid has an idea here if he is still around. He helped with the single currency changes for Linux.
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