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  1. You can find your RPT in your server files... (your server folder) ->instance_11_Chernarus -> arma2oaserver.RPT
  2. Can you send here your server RPT ?
  3. I have issue with this server. When I join the game after 10-20 mins I get information "Lost connection" and I'm disconnected from server. And I have it every time when i play. My RPT (few seconds before...): 22:27:44 "CLEANUP: Deleted 13 Loot Piles out of 83" 22:28:36 "get: STRING (ERROR), sent: STRING (ERROR)" 22:28:36 "COMBAT LOGGED: Endriex (4004.77) at location [16455.2,10642.6,0.00143814]" 22:28:36 "DISCONNECT: Endriex (ERROR) Object: B 1-1-C:1 (Endriex) REMOTE, _characterID: 1 at loc [16455.2,10642.6,0.00143814]" 22:28:36 Client: Remote object 9:0 not found 22:28:36 Client: Remote object 9:5 not found 22:28:36 Client: Remote object 9:6 not found 22:28:36 Client: Remote object 9:7 not found 22:28:43 "CLEANUP: Deleted 13 Loot Piles out of 71" 22:28:47 Link to 8d45b122 (Obj-182,106:290) not released 22:28:47 Link to ad4261ef (Obj-76,362:495) not released 22:28:47 Link to ace25527 (Obj-74,359:1319) not released 22:28:47 Link to ace25526 (Obj-74,359:1318) not released 22:28:47 Link to 8f45a385 (Obj-180,122:901) not released Weird... I checked my database and in section "PlayerUID" I have "ERROR" here. http://screenshooter.net/102844072/eenihdy and everywhere - player_login, character_data
  4. I don't prefer servers from steam, because most of this servers (especially with others mods) didn't work correctly. If you can delete all your files and install it again but now manually. You have a lot of tutorials and server files here -> http://goo.gl/3GyZ0P
  5. Do you have only Dayz Epoch mod installed on your server? If yes... • Check your Arma 2 OA version. You must have 1.63. If you don't have go here -> http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/beta/ARMA2_OA_Build_112555.zip • Check your server version. Because I think you downloaded prepared server from internet, but with outdated version. So, It didn't work correctly with your client If you have bad server version I prefer to make your own server. Files here -> http://goo.gl/3GyZ0P (tutorials on youtube)
  6. Hi everyone! I'm planning to start my new Overpochins server with dayz mods and some mods from armaholic and map from Origins. The problem is that, I don't know how to do this because it's too much scripting and I only know mostly where everything must be. I have singly prepared files with Dayz epoch/overwatch/origins/2017 and mods from armaholic in one folder (basically mod to server is epoch) First I need to run server with map from origins and all mods (locked from origins too), then I want to create new traders with new groups and items, but i think I can handle with it. If not I will ask you here. The last thing is load new scripts (like self bloodbag etc.) I was searching on forums how to make overpochins server working with map from origins and other mods but i didn't get whole answer about that. So I'm asking here. Please help me if you can
  7. I completly forgot about config in zupa folder, It's working now. Thanks ;) Do you know where I can add some new items to traders in zupa script? And next question about banking zone. It's good when I see objects and one laptop with banking option on banking zone?
  8. @juandayz I had to install single currency from zupa, and now I can see items but i have next problem. If i buy any item i get it for free and at the bottom of my screen i see this info: http://screenshooter.net/102844072/jqtbfep
  9. Hello users. As most of people who installed this script, I have problem with empty space in traders menu. I don't have any items in this place. http://screenshooter.net/102791733/yvtaams But the problem is, I don't have InfiSTAR (because i set BattlEye off), I don't use Single Currency (Coins) and I don't have errors in my server RPT. Please help me if you can :)
  10. I'm making a server with a plenty of mods and now I have one huge problem. I must get all items class names (you know... for traders, loot etc) from all this mods. I don't know how to do that. I used LEA but it didn't generated all items. Is there a way to get ALL classnames from addons ?
  11. Hi, I tried to create new units and place them on the object, but problem is, that every restart or save units, they move to the ground. I tried code with vectorUp and nothing. There are screenshots what i mean: http://screenshooter.net/102674128/hsxojfq http://screenshooter.net/102674128/bfapeik Anyone have an idea how to resolve it ?
  12. Hello all ;) For some time I have problem on my server with bots and zombies on traders safe zone. Zombies and bots can walk on zones and bots can destroy my vehicles. I don't receive damage from bots and zombies but after leaving zone my vehicles are too damaged :unsure: . Someone know how to resolve this problem? There is the script: http://pastebin.com/Cyu51Rfg
  13. My friend has the same problem. He changed the router yesterday and now he can't play longer than 2 mins. I thought it is my server but I could play many hours and nothing... In RPT I get this Error after kicking my friend. "DISCONNECT: Taddy2 (2675977) Object: B 1-1-B:1 (Taddy2) REMOTE, _characterID: 92 at loc [13854.2,11769.9,0.00144267]" Anyone know how to resolve this problem ?
  14. I have the same error with this information: http://screenshooter.net/101974150/mwteghw The code above doesn't work. Somebody help ? :P If you need... There is my description.ext http://pastebin.com/qyhgcVdt
  15. hum. One more question... How to do Origins Taviana Map working on my server? :P
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