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  1. DIfferent Databases, Ports, SQL Passwords an Users...that stuff
  2. Zupa, Yes I agree people do not change 1 2 3, but the thing is I was born a cheat, nomatter what I have to cheat... It drives me... I cheat because the rush I get from it is great. The same as the rush you get from when you spend 3 days working on something and in the end it works. I developed a hack menu & Admin Tools because I wanted to test my SQF Skills, and clearly that worked out well @StiflersM0M Thanks for the support bro, I mean, If I were to sell this then I'd make my own scripts. But I aint selling it.. If the person who made the script posted it online for NO profit, then who cares if I do the same? Nobody gets profit, = As intended. Nobody looses , nobody wins. If y'all gonna give me sh*t for something that most people can't do.. then GTFO.
  3. ALSO Teleport player to Me's code if (_option == "Teleport player to me") then { _Player = lbText [1, (lbCurSel 1)]; { if (name _x == _player) then { hint format ["Teleporting %1", _name]; _x attachTo [vehicle player, [2, 2, 0]]; sleep 0.25; detach _x; };
  4. Spectate & Teleport player to me is not acually in the menu, yes its int he files but they arnt used at all The RE has been removed Get Key from MPGH and ESP From Monky *With permission* Get yo damn facts right
  5. ~snip~ Credit to NoxSicarius Credit to Blue Phoenix Credit to Monky Credit to Hangender You may edit this to your liking. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. ~snip~ JAYS ADMIN TOOLS FREE EDITION v1.4 Hello, thanks for taking the time to look at this thread. These are admin tools for those who own a server and dont have $40 for the infiSTAR.de tools These admin tools are developed by JAY Skype: jay.ap2 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not Sell this for profit Do not distribute this Thanks :3 Screenshots! The Dialog Player and Vehicle locator Give Ammo to help you and players Executor for those developers Teleport for admins finding players/cars Punishing/Locating Player List Epoch Functions Deleting objects Damn, I forgot the Loadouts....anyway there is loadouts! loadouts = { imagine something here }; DOWNLOAD: v1.4 ~snip~ DL Up Tomorrow SOME PICS WERE TOO BIG AN HAD TO BE REMOVED! SORRY! Installation: Go to your Mission Files Open init.sqf add this to the bottom: [] ExecVM "JAY_AdminTools\MLOADSTART.sqf"; Customize the MLOADSTART.sqf to your admins Player Id's AND YOUR DONE! Enjoy :P @JAY skype: jay.ap2
  6. Are the Overwatch bikey files in your server dir?
  7. I'm lost at Now you can Spawn the Patrol vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv open your mission files and search for the code like this: (then the code n shiz) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Says " open your mission files " ....well ?? whats the script I need to open? just the folder? hmmm not working ..I wonder why
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