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  1. After this latest update 1.31 Frequency Jammers no longer work (allow you to build) after a server restart. This is on on clean wiped Database with everyone starting fresh. Jammer work as intended and can be upgraded then after server restart they can't be used or access unless they get upgraded and when they get to level 4 they cease to function. Regards
  2. Could I also get a copy of this file the download site is infected with malware. Thanks
  3. Line 217 should be this. _crash = createVehicle [_crashModel,_position, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; hope this helps
  4. I had 2 servers and Teamspeak with them. They where great until about 2 months ago when products kept shutting down and going into an "unknown" state. They wouldn't respond to support tickets but somehow the server would restart after a couple of days. I have request action from Paypal nothing as of yet but just received this email (here is a link to the web version). http://m4tj.r.mailjet.com/nl/m4tj/s.html Firstly I think it's very bad business practice to take the email list from a company you worked for and then spam them with mail promoting your supposed new product. Secondly the name is shit because when your server goes down it goes into an "unknown" state. What marketing moron would think up that name for a server provider. Well that's my 2 cents Cheers
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