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  1. CR4NK


    Maybe this help you a bit ;) OriZombies.hpp
  2. CR4NK


    they defined in the origins dayz_code to get theme working with epoch you need to add theme in the dayz epoch dayz_code under the zZombieBase part in the config.bin and then every player have to download this file Example: class z_policeman : zZombie_Base { model = "\ca\characters2\civil\Policeman\Policeman"; zombieLoot = "policeman"; class Wounds { tex[] = { }; mat[] = { "ca\characters2\civil\policeman\data\policeman.rvmat", "ca\characters2\civil\policeman\data\w1_policeman.rvmat", "ca\characters2\civil\policeman\data\w2_policeman.rvmat", "ca\characters\heads\male\defaulthead\data\hhl.rvmat", "ca\characters\heads\male\defaulthead\data\hhl_wounds.rvmat", "ca\characters\heads\male\defaulthead\data\hhl_wounds.rvmat" }; }; };
  3. CR4NK


    the origins files get overwritten by the epoch files, for example you can load in the namalsk zed cause they get loaded in trough the ns_dayz file but if this file would be called dayz_code.pbo they won't load in cause they get overwritten by the epoch files
  4. CR4NK


    The zombie models are in the origins_pack.pbo in the folder characters. Btw i know how to change the gear interface but i can't find the option in epoch to replace the buttons for clos bag, filter, close ect. they are always the default arma 2 oa gear buttons. Another thing is if you try to open the Origins config.bin files it says that the file isn't a Arma file.
  5. Try this one if it doesn't work i know only one person who get these zeds working and that is kamikazexex maybe he can tell you then how to get theme work correctly
  6. Can you upload your CfgBuildingLoot.hpp for me? But not the one i'll send above
  7. Here you go ;) You can add theme to every class from Default to MassGrave. The more classes you add theme the higher is the chance you see one spawning of theme
  8. Thats how the first zombieClass line looks in the Origins Loot tables: Origins line: zombieClass[] = {"zZombie_Base","z_policeman","z_Boss_zed","ori_zombie1","ori_zombie1n","ori_zombie2","ori_zombie2n","ori_zombie3","ori_zombie3n","ori_zombie4","ori_zombie4n","ori_zombie5","ori_zombie5n","ori_zombie6","ori_zombie6n","ori_zombie7","ori_zombie7n","ori_zombie8","ori_zombie8n","ori_zombie1L","ori_zombie1Ln","ori_zombie2L","ori_zombie2Ln","ori_zombie3L","ori_zombie3Ln","ori_zombie4L","ori_zombie4Ln","ori_zombie5L","ori_zombie5Ln","ori_zombie6L","ori_zombie6Ln","ori_zombie7L","ori_zombie7Ln","ori_zombie8L","ori_zombie8Ln","ori_vil_zombie_woman1","ori_vil_zombie_woman2","ori_vil_zombie_woman3","ori_vil_zombie_woman4","z_suit1","z_suit2","z_worker1","z_worker2","z_worker3","z_doctor","z_teacher","z_hunter","z_villager1","z_villager2","z_villager3","z_priest","z_soldier","z_soldier_pilot","z_soldier_heavy","ori_pozarnik"}; Epoch with Origins Zeds added: zombieClass[] = {"zZombie_Base","z_hunter","z_teacher","z_suit1","z_suit2","z_worker1","z_worker2","z_worker3","z_villager1","z_villager2","z_villager3","z_Boss_zed","ori_zombie1","ori_zombie1n","ori_zombie2","ori_zombie2n","ori_zombie3","ori_zombie3n","ori_zombie4","ori_zombie4n","ori_zombie5","ori_zombie5n","ori_zombie6","ori_zombie6n","ori_zombie7","ori_zombie7n","ori_zombie8","ori_zombie8n","ori_zombie1L","ori_zombie1Ln","ori_zombie2L","ori_zombie2Ln","ori_zombie3L","ori_zombie3Ln","ori_zombie4L","ori_zombie4Ln","ori_zombie5L","ori_zombie5Ln","ori_zombie6L","ori_zombie6Ln","ori_zombie7L","ori_zombie7Ln","ori_zombie8L","ori_zombie8Ln","ori_vil_zombie_woman1","ori_vil_zombie_woman2","ori_vil_zombie_woman3","ori_vil_zombie_woman4","ori_pozarnik"}; Try one of this lines or both and i think you have to keep the standard zed models.
  9. You need custom loot tables and in the CfgBuildingLoot.hpp file you add theme at this line: zombieClass[] = example: zombieClass[] = {"zZombie_Base","z_hunter","z_teacher","z_suit1","z_suit2","z_worker1","z_worker2","z_worker3","z_villager1","z_villager2","z_villager3","z_Boss_zed","ori_zombie1","ori_zombie1n","ori_zombie2"};
  10. I have still the files from Origins and in this version of Origins they have their Loottables still in the dayz_code.pbo ;)
  11. "z_Boss_zed","ori_zombie1","ori_zombie1n","ori_zombie2","ori_zombie2n","ori_zombie3","ori_zombie3n","ori_zombie4","ori_zombie4n","ori_zombie5","ori_zombie5n","ori_zombie6","ori_zombie6n","ori_zombie7","ori_zombie7n","ori_zombie8","ori_zombie8n","ori_zombie1L","ori_zombie1Ln","ori_zombie2L","ori_zombie2Ln","ori_zombie3L","ori_zombie3Ln","ori_zombie4L","ori_zombie4Ln","ori_zombie5L","ori_zombie5Ln","ori_zombie6L","ori_zombie6Ln","ori_zombie7L","ori_zombie7Ln","ori_zombie8L","ori_zombie8Ln","ori_vil_zombie_woman1","ori_vil_zombie_woman2","ori_vil_zombie_woman3","ori_vil_zombie_woman4","ori_pozarnik"
  12. z_us_soldier, z_us_soldier_light, z_ru_soldier, z_ru_soldier_light, z_ru_soldier_pilot, z_nac_soldier, z_nac_soldier_heavy
  13. CR4NK

    WAI question

    Hi, i would like to creat new missions for WAI but there's a probelem i don't know what the _position select parts mean: _baserunover0 = createVehicle ["MAP_fort_bagfence_corner",[(_position select 0) - 40, (_position select 1),-0.2],[], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; exactly this part: [(_position select 0) - 40, (_position select 1),-0.2] what does the -40 stand for or the -0.2 and what does _position select 0 and 1? Does it stand for setDir and setPos? And a other question is does someone know how i can setup a Vehicle init? For example i want that UralWrecks or HelicopterWrecks are burning when they spawn at a mission. I thought on this: _baserunover setVehicleInit "BIS_Effects_Burn = compile preprocessFile ""\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS\destruction\burn.sqf""; nul = [this, 5, time, false, false] spawn BIS_Effects_Burn;";
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