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  1. that would be great. I know VEMF uses building posns, or think it does. i'll fiddle with the statics and see how it goes. I was thinking that one could includw an optional structure in the define for the group and have the spawn script place the structure then locate units within it.
  2. I updated GMS_fnc_sm_spawnObjects.sqf so that collision checking is off which should ensure that objects are spawned exactly where you want them. The code runs without errors on my test server. I do not see anything obvious in your mission definition but have not tried to run it so may have missed something more subtle. There is no need to do any ATL/ASL or other conversions for positions for your objects, crates, or AI. I just checked a mission I use to test code and the loot crates do spawn on top of the military buildings as intended. I can not remember if one can spawn statics on / in buildings iwthout assigning them to a building position - will check on that tomorrow. I am not sure what you are trying to with the units. If you are trying to spawn them on/in buildings, the way arma works that may be challenging to achieve. One has to spawn these at specific building positions. See the code for spawning assets for examples.
  3. Missing #endif added - thanks for reporting. As far as the errors in the .RPT, did you change or add static units/vehicle/etc in the default mission ? Did you run another mission?
  4. Thanks for reporting - I will look into the issues and push changes to the github after confirming.
  5. Not sure what you are referring to. The defaults for non-mil servers are: //Set to -1 to disable. Values of 2 or more force the mission spawner to spawn copies of that mission - this feature is not recommended because you may run out of available groups. blck_enableOrangeMissions = 1; blck_enableGreenMissions = 1; blck_enableRedMissions = 2; blck_enableBlueMissions = 2; blck_numberUnderwaterDynamicMissions = 3; And all overrides in blck_custom_config are commented out by default.
  6. Yes, with a bit of scripting it could be done but would entail some work. You would have to take the props from server side, include them in a class in description.ext from which you could pull them when you are ready to spawn stuff, and add in a script that runswhen the client is initialized to spawn those objects on the client - you could pull the code from epoch_server. Then, you would need to use an landmarks on the map to orient yourself as you put down extra props. I have done it for other mods successfully but its a bit of a chore.
  7. Yes, each AI runs its own brain, and I guess each group. As Grahame pointed out, also remember that at the present time, Arma 3 limits you to 288 groups per side, and Arma 2 to 144 groups per side. for Arma 3, unless you run something insane you should never reach the 288 group cap. You will know if you did because createGroup will start returning grpNull. I used to put checks in blckealgs to test for that condition but removed them since the increase in the cap on groups per side. Note also that you can manage the server resources dedicated to groups or AI by either poling each group for nearby players and disabling simulation when no players are near or by using dynamic simulation manager build into Arma 3. Also note that the simulation managers do show some delay in activating Ai so build in a safety factor when doing this.
  8. Sneer, give build 147 a try. I just tested and it seems to spawn all mission classes with blck_debugON = false; Tested on Lythium and Malden; should be good to go. Let me know if you encounter further problems.
  9. Please note that the locations of the markers in the mission file in mission.sqm to not necessarily corespond to the location of the trader cites. Thiese are defined for each map in epoch_server_config.pbo. The locations of Epoch trader cities is now pulled directly from the server configs. Let me know if this issue is resolved.
  10. We have the same issue and I do not know if it is an infiSTAR think or a limitation of Exile's method for adding actions. you have to look around carefully to pick up the action. The last time I successfully did so I looked at the guys feet. I should probably look into using the exile hook for the client scheduler if I can figure out how that works. Have you tried Epoch? Its a great mod as well.
  11. I did a little testing. The script itself seems to work fine but you picked up a special character somewhere. You might want to check positions of those ATMs. Below is a little script you can use to see where stuff spawns which you can run in the editor. It is a really minor point, but for this application you can use count instead of forEach as you do not need the _forEachIndex except for debugging. I hope this is helpful.
  12. Thanks - picking away at this with Grahame. There are a few issues to be sorted I think. I will be pushing version 147 to the Github which should have several fixes that address this issue and the issue of the trader cities not being black listed.
  13. The fix is a little more complicated but thank you for pointing out the issue. I will be uploading changes to the github this weekend.
  14. Thank you for your kind words. Positive feedback is always appreciated. Are you running the mod on an Epoch Malden server?
  15. Depending on which version you pull the blck_custom_configs.sqf from it may define parameters for numbers of missions of each class (blue, red, green etc). I will check my files for Malden and update the github accordingly. When it hangs, a critical script that can't complete execution is usually to blame. arma error checking is improving with every release but still misses some issues. I should have something for you by the end of the weekend.
  16. Hmmm - not sure really. We ran it on Malden a while back without issues but I might have inadvertantly changed something. Anything in your logs?
  17. That is a very nice approach. I use one in which I place markers in the editor where I want the spawns then pull them using the script below. _clipboard = ""; { private _marker = _x; systemChat _marker; _markerInfo = format["%1, %2%3",getMarkerPos _marker, markerText _marker,endl]; systemChat _markerInfo; _clipBoard = _clipBoard + _markerInfo; uiSleep 1; }forEach allMapMarkers; copyToClipboard _clipBoard;
  18. The official release of Ver 6.84 Build 146 is on the github. Thank you to all who have provided feedback on v 145.
  19. Would it be possible for a moderator to set the title for this to [closed] or [inactive] to reduce confusion on the part of those trying to download blckeagls?
  20. I will download and test the version on the github and verify that everything is functioning.
  21. I am now finalizing Version 6.84. It is available on the Master branch. A changelog is shown below. There may still be some tweaking needed so I am holding off on changing the post on the first page of this thread. 6.84 Added Option to load weapons, pistols, uniforms, headgear, vests and backpacks from CfgPricing or the Arsenal Pricing and exclude items above a certain price Add details on configs for enabling this and setting the maximum price NOTE: this function overides any loadouts you specify in blck_config.sqf etc. Added functions to despawn static patrols invehicles on on foot when no players are nearby. This tracks the number of infantry alive in a group and respawns only the number alive when the group was despawned. Added: Static units will now be spawned with gear specific to difficulty level (blue, red, green, orange) as specified in blck_config.sqf etc. Changed: Hostage missions redesigned to reduce chances of AI being glitched into containers and of mission objects flying about when spawned in. Fixed: Collisions between objects at missions caused issues. Fixed: Attempted a fix to reduce the chance that AI will spawn inside or under objects like rocks or containers. Fixed: Captive missions now complete properly. Fixed: Hostage missions now complete properly.
  22. Just uploaded Version 6.84 RC with fixes for the hostage and arrest general/don missions and a few new features. I still have a few tweaks to do to damage parameters for the missions before I release 6.84 on the Master branch. See the changelog for further details.
  23. after you talk to the Captain he should sit on the ground and the loot should spawn in the air and drop on a chute.
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