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Namalsk server package




I would like to host a private Namalsk server, i've got good memories of that with my friends but i cant seem to find server files or mods for it anywhere.

Does anyone has some links to mods for me? Like an SQL database with auto restarts, or maybe a complete server pack?

Thank you!

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4 hours ago, olegator said:

I found this Github file, GitHub - Bottled/DayZ-Private-Server-Namalsk: DayZ: Namalsk Private Server Pack

seems to be a complete Namalsk server but i have to change some things for sure.

I want to add traders, coin system, ai missions, admin tools etc... Where can i find the mods for this?

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у меня есть готовые файлы сервера и миссии полностью настроеные(на сталкеровскую основу)выбросы-радиация-зомби сталкеры-кровососы-снег мороз вьюги-переохлаждение и так далее

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