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  1. Отличная новость..благодарю за релиз мода!
  2. погода не работает и заправки авто на карте намальск
  3. поставь чистый сервер для проверки
  4. наглядно учился по этому https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCQpXrTXBtbWrqqy_aEQVHw
  5. у меня есть готовые файлы сервера и миссии полностью настроеные(на сталкеровскую основу)выбросы-радиация-зомби сталкеры-кровососы-снег мороз вьюги-переохлаждение и так далее
  6. https://github.com/Bottled/DayZ-Private-Server-Namalsk это не то--он старой версии вот ссылка на скачивания https://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php
  7. https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/123-a2-epoch-mods/
  8. https://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php https://www.nightstalkers.cz/ https://app.dayzlauncher.com/download
  9. выброс-кровососы-сталкеры-радиация-морозы-переохлаждения-тоже разобрался?
  10. могу предложить готовый сервер!и обьяснить что и как настроить
  11. olegator

    ZSC coins 1.0.7

    configVariables.sqf // ZSC Z_globalBankingTraders = true; // Enable banking NPCs at trader cities. // ZSC Z_showCurrencyUI = true; // Show the currency icon on the screen when Z_SingleCurrency is enabled. Z_showBankUI = true; // Show the banking icon on the screen when Z_globalBanking is enabled. ZSC_bankTraders = ["Functionary1_EP1"]; // Array of trader classnames that are available for banking (i.e Functionary1_EP1), do not use _DZ classes - they are used as player skins ZSC_limitOnBank = true; // Have a limit on the bank? (i.e true or false) limits the global banking to the number below. ZSC_bankObjects = [""]; // Array of objects that are available for banking i.e: ["Suitcase","Info_Board_EP1","Laptop_EP1","SatPhone"] ZSC_maxBankMoney = 5000000; // Default limit for bank objects. ZSC_defaultStorageMultiplier = 200; // Default magazine count for bank objects that don't have storage slots i.e: ["Suitcase","Info_Board_EP1","Laptop_EP1","SatPhone"] ZSC_MaxMoneyInStorageMultiplier = 5000; // Multiplier for how much money a bank object can hold, example: 200 magazine slots in the object (or the default value above ^^) multiplied by the 5000 multiplier is 1 million coin storage. (200 * 5000 = 1,000,000 coins) ZSC_ZombieCoins = [true,[500,5000]]; // First value activate coins on zombies, second value from 500 - 5000 coins on each zombie. Coin for zombies are handled directly in check wallet. / ZSC Z_SingleCurrency = true; // Enable single currency system. Z_globalBanking = true; // Enable global banking system. Z_persistentMoney = true; // Enabling this stores currency to player_data instead of character_data. Currency transfers to a new character after death. For PVE servers only. Formerly called "GlobalMoney". Z_VehicleDistance = 40; // Max distance a vehicle can be sold or accessed from at a trader. CurrencyName = "Coins"; // If using single currency this is the currency display name. DZE_MoneyStorageClasses = ["VaultStorage","VaultStorage2","VaultStorageLocked","VaultStorage2Locked","LockboxStorageLocked","LockboxStorage2Locked","LockboxStorage","LockboxStorage2","LockboxStorageWinterLocked","LockboxStorageWinter2Locked","LockboxStorageWinter","LockboxStorageWinter2","TallSafe","TallSafeLocked"]; // If using single currency this is an array of object classes players can store coins in. E.g.: ["GunRack_DZ","WoodCrate_DZ"] ZSC_VehicleMoneyStorage = true; // Allow players to store money in vehicles. If vehicles are destroyed the money is also destroyed.
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