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init.sqf order of operations question



Hi guys,

So I'm looking at the MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\init.sqf. This is where we are suppose to add/modify our config variable changes to Epoch variables for this particular mission. 

At the top of that init.sqf file is the below line:

#include "\z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf" // Don't remove this line

In that file you can see some variables conditionally being set based on the value of other variables. Example from \z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf below:

// ZSC
Z_SingleCurrency = false; // Enable single currency system.
if (Z_SingleCurrency) then {
    Z_globalBanking = false; // Enable global banking system.
    Z_persistentMoney = false; // Enabling this stores currency to player_data instead of character_data. Currency transfers to a new character after death. For PVE servers only. Formerly called "GlobalMoney".
    CurrencyName = "Coins"; // If using single currency this is the currency display name.
    DZE_MoneyStorageClasses = ["VaultStorage","VaultStorage2","VaultStorageLocked","VaultStorage2Locked","LockboxStorageLocked","LockboxStorage2Locked","LockboxStorage","LockboxStorage2","LockboxStorageWinterLocked","LockboxStorageWinter2Locked","LockboxStorageWinter","LockboxStorageWinter2","TallSafe","TallSafeLocked"]; // If using single currency this is an array of object classes players can store coins in. E.g.: ["GunRack_DZ","WoodCrate_DZ"]
    ZSC_VehicleMoneyStorage = true; // Allow players to store money in vehicles. If vehicles are destroyed the money is also destroyed.

So even if I add "Z_SingleCurrency = true;" to my init.sqf the above condition statement has already ran with "Z_SingleCurrency = false;" skipping those conditional changes. This does not make much sense to me. Do I need to also copy the conditional statements to my init.sqf? 




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