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Shared character_data question



Hi guys. I'm loving Epoch 1.0.7!

I have 3 instances, 11_chernarus, 24_napf, and 19_podagorsk. They share a character_data table and each instance has it's own Worldspace field (WorldspaceChernarus, WorldspaceNapf, WorldspacePodagorsk) in that table. Each instance also has it's own object data table (object_data_napf, object_data_chernarus, etc) I can see that each instance is saving to the correct field in the character table.

When staying on the same server the players position works as expected. When switching between servers, character gear and coins carries over as expected but the character's worldspace field is ignored and the character's position seems to randomize. As if a fresh spawn but with the carried over gear. Is that expected behavior? Is there a way to disable it?

Thanks for the help!



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Answering my own question. 

Yes, the random spawn when coming from another map is intentional. The code responsible for this can be found in the Epoch server pbo (path below.)


below snippet starts at line 74.

	// Came from another server force random spawn
	if (_lastInstance != dayZ_instance) then {_randomSpot = true;};


I could edit this line if desired but I can think of some good reasons not to. Thank you again for the updates to Epoch. I hear a minor update is coming soon and I'm looking forward to it.


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