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Ugh few issues with fresh server



Same old story one step forward ten back with this game as usual its so temperamental i remember now why i lose interest with it because its such a slog to work with is slow and preforms like dog at the best of times. Anyway rant aside i am experiencing a few issues on a fresh server atm.

- character_data table in the Database is for some reason having a hissy fit and intermittently too so only sometimes the problem occurs. What happens sometimes is I log into server no problem muck around then if i stop the server to make adjustments when i go to bring it back up again upon joining i get stuck on "Setup complete, please wait..." message in the game client. When i look at the RPT/Console it says that the i am connected and playing. The only way to fix it when this happens is just delete the player entry from the table and respawn him that way i then spawn in upon rejoin not sure what is causing this issue.

- Black screen on player respawn happens intermittently too i have seen this on other servers that i have been playing on. Basically dying/respawning or logging in for the first time even can result in a black screen with the hud visible only sound can be heard and player actions like shooting a gun or opening inventory are heard so the client is initialized at this point some cases i have encountered where the sound does not load either. Sometimes disconnecting/rejoining fixes this sometimes not which is also intermittent in itself sometimes next rejoin will do it sometimes it takes several and sometimes it takes a whole client restart entirely. I know this has been a various problem over the years and sometimes in different forms but i am rusty and cannot remember what the problem is exactly but i know that initialization can flake exactly like this at times between the server and the client.

- Flares are randomly spawning in sometimes around the player on a fresh spawn i am not sure if this is just me activating them from focusing the window while loading in or not but also intermittent. EDIT: ffs Flares i am now confirming are not my doing they are happening entirely by themself on a new character spawn not every time but yes intermittent. Had to delete the table again I left the my hands off the keyboard this time and there was a flare activated in close proximity to my player character.

Nothing in the RPT looks abnormal and most of the times these bugs are happening the console will say that "player" is playing/mission playing etc plus i can see its doing its file checking spam when i alt tab  in and out of the client etc so the connection is there. But yet i can be stuck on black screen with Hud or "Setup complete, please wait.." if i did not make it that far despite server console/log says otherwise.

BattleEye is disabled and server is a local host so its all barebones stock Epoch and configs etc and no obtrusive stuff is in the way.


Any insight into this at all? is this known about? Kind of tiring trying to chase around this game as it is without being this temperamental but hey its Arma 2 its always been a slog game to work with and used to be way worse way back when over the years.

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You're not going to want to hear this depending on how much time you've put into building that server but I would go to steam and Verify Game Files of Arma 2, and Arma 2 OA then after that remake the server with the new files. I've had similar problems before and usually just starting over fixes it. The player thing sounds like it could be a database problem, make sure you're Querying the SQL files provided.

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