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What's the best DayZ Epoch arma 2 guide currently?

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Hi all, trying to set up dayz to play with a friend, I haven't played in ages, and I'm super rusty on server setup.

I got as far as having the server up and running and instantly getting kicked for a public variable that I can't find a way around (popsc ( 9bc4649286ca312145ada609ad849d47 - Value Restriction #1 "remExField" = [B 1-1-A:1 (popsc) REMOTE,any,"JIPrequest"])

Anyhow, I checked and was reminded that the base building part is in the epoch version, so I'm hoping for a step by step bulletproof guide to get this darn thing set up on my server so I can get playing already. So far two days and no luck getting it working.

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