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  1. Hi all, trying to set up dayz to play with a friend, I haven't played in ages, and I'm super rusty on server setup. I got as far as having the server up and running and instantly getting kicked for a public variable that I can't find a way around (popsc ( 9bc4649286ca312145ada609ad849d47 - Value Restriction #1 "remExField" = [B 1-1-A:1 (popsc) REMOTE,any,"JIPrequest"]) Anyhow, I checked and was reminded that the base building part is in the epoch version, so I'm hoping for a step by step bulletproof guide to get this darn thing set up on my server so I can get playing already. So far two days and no luck getting it working.
  2. This seems to work on buildings but on fences it causes them to flip back to a default position for some reason, not sure if there is a way to fix that or not? Also it still does not save properly, I am guessing I would have to open the mission.sqf and find each object to do this to it?
  3. here is that video. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I doubt it, sigh.
  4. Alright I see that I was going to the wrong location for the mission save, but still, it seems impossible to place anything with any real size. barrels and wood piles and stuff are file but concrete blocks, fences, gates, buildings, shipping containers, they all move when I hit save, uhg.
  5. Alright, I also noticed that in a couple tutorials, when you save the mission you are supposed to look for the .sqf file for that map, but when I save/export these it does it in PBO, is that maybe an issue? I'm going to try and find a video tutorial that is as recent as possible for this. Inside that PBO the mission.sqf (or whichever it is) file is empty for some reason. I also tried taking a barrel and sinking it into the ground, it didn't really help at all. edit: recorded a quick video, (not going to be great framerate since this PC is fairly old) but it shows how I am doing it, maybe I am just doing something blatantly wrong with the group or something. The small barrel doesn't seem to move at all though but the house beside it does, too bad there isn't a way to merge those objects or something. It will take a while to upload though.
  6. Alright I'll give that a try, and I coulda sworn I posted it in the custom bases forum lol, guess I had the wrong tab selected. That's what I get for having so many open. I'll see if a mod can move it. edit: uhg, even with one item, I save, and it screws it up. Is there a third party editor or something? Do I need to find ground that is 100% level to the microscopic amount or something? it's extremely frustrating.
  7. Is there a good setup guide for this? I have it working but it is not connecting to the database, can't remember all the steps from when I did this a long time ago. edit: ok post #686 helped a lot, player names not working, just saying error but that usually happens for the first few logins I think. How do we spawn vehicles or items near the player now? I am having trouble finding that. I'm also wondering if there is a way to use the old UI, used to that plus you could bring up the item list as you were adding things to a character's inventory, as well as having the item pool sorted between different things, like ammo, tools, or weapons, this makes it harder to find the stuff you want.
  8. I always post in the wrong section? Yeah, sure. Feel free to point out the editor or building help section, or a section that would be better to get help from people who know how to use the editor. does that stop it from moving the previous item placed, like, is it just a problem with the editor saving the position of multiple items at once? I tried moving a few things back and saving and it just does it again. I'm also curious if you guys use any mods or something that might help with that? I have the jon-c5 editor update installed, not sure if there is anything else out there.
  9. I just spend a good hour finding all the stuff I wanted and laying out a small base, only to save and have shit move in random locations undoing all my work, I loaded the save and it kept it like that, so I fixed a few things, tried again, and it screwed it up again, what gives?
  10. None under there, there are two red ones in eu industry i missed but I know there is an olive-green one too, but I can't find the damn thing.
  11. Hey all, wasn't really sure where the best section for this was, in the map editor I am having trouble finding the shipping containers that have doors you can open, which section are they under? (I thought it was eu_industry but it is not there)
  12. Actually, it is there, I added it in since I didn't notice and now it just says that twice. edit: dayz commander wasn't working so I have been using steam, however after looking in the options there is launch using steam, changed that and tried to update but it gives me "wrong CD key", apparently that updated it though so I'll try launching through dayz commander now edit2: nope, that didn't do it, uhg.
  13. Not listed there for some reazon, and this is all new downloads. Strange.
  14. Another error now, "You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.pook_h13" No clue what that is.
  15. Ahh yknow what? I did delete local content and re-install through steam before but I checked, and it did not delete the local content for some reason, I manually deleted that folder and am doing an install now, I bet that is what the issue was.
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