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Would someone be interested in Pure Vanilla Epoch server?


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I am willing to pay for 30-40 slot server (anything more is obviously paying for empty slots that will never be filled, in fact, 20 slots is overkill already).

Only intersested in this because all the rest of Epoch servers that has more than 1 player is flooded with BM traders and other bullshit. Never liked it, never will.

As a purist, I think Survival Epoch isn't compatible with Black Market. There used to be a server few years ago, called "Pure Epoch" and I intend walking in their footsteps.

Only necessary addons, like SEM missions and maybe vehicle AI.

For now I consider two possibilities, one is Epoch with vanilla traders and safezones, another version - no safezone traders. There was a Japanese server KongariBacon that I loved so much too, they had no safe zones and it made a pure survival experience.


So if anyone would be interested in being a regular player, hmu :D

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