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[Solved] Battleye Filter problem



Soo normaly i use the BE_AEG to handle filters and save time, but when i get remoteexec restrictions that wont work, and i'd have to do it manually thats fine and all but i get these


#0 "epoch_server_spawnloot [B Alpha 1-1:1 (SpreadKiller) REMOTE,"tofqpk",[[1b10ffeab00# 1446038: mil_controltower.p3d,"EpochLoot",[["Filing_epoch",[4621.42,10362,4.69006],250.816,""],["Fridge_EPOCH",[4627.06,10357.3,0.525116],144.005,""],["Filing_epoch",[4619.26,10355.3,9.08511],248.073,""],["Pelican_EPOCH",[4625.92,10357,9.09686],102.147,""]]]]]"

I think i fixed that one by !="epoch_server_spawnloot" but the next one wont allow that

#0 "epoch_server_setfinalplayerpos [C Alpha 1-1:1 (SpreadKiller) REMOTE,B Alpha 1-1:1]"

This seems to have fixed it

!="epoch_server_setfinalplayerpos \[.+\]"


Any help is appreciated! :)

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