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Ammo Launcher in trader

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Good afternoon everyone

after configuring my server with the salival mods (thanks guy) I added it, WICKED-AI-master, ESSV3, Walkers-master and Epoch-Admin-Tools-TestBranch.

Everything is going well and I have started to customize the map.

When I tried to add ammo launcher (stinger, strela etc) in the traders with these classnames

https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Documents/Epoch Classnames/Epoch cfgMagazines.txt

But it does not work in the trader, it's as if he did not recognize the object. It appears in the list of sales, you can buy it, spend the money but it gives you nothing and puts a key in the inventory (?). It seems as if these objects were not defined for the traders. In the game you take the weapon from an adminbox and if the ammunition is in the database the classname of the previous list comes out.

Does anyone know about this?

Thank you

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