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  1. The download links dont work... Anybody has it?
  2. I'm sorry, I do not know enough about this. The error #1293 - Incorrect table definition; there can be only one TIMESTAMP column with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in DEFAULT or ON UPDATE clause I understand that the following lines are in conflict when garage.sql is imported into the database: `Datestamp` timestamp NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, `DateMaintained` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, But I do not know how to fix it, sql is not my specialty, I know very little about this. thank you for your patience
  3. runing garage.sql in database there is no registration in rpt because vehicles can not be stored. They can not be saved because they can not be seen when you put them on the helipad and use the "virtual garage" plot menu. VIrtual garage menu opens and seems to work but does not see vehicles to store.
  4. I have done everything again. Running garage.sql gives me the following message Content of HiveExt.ini RPT from restart thanks for answering
  5. yes and yes is this correct? ;If using OFFICIAL hive, the settings in this section have no effect, as it will clean up by itself [Objects] ;Which table should the objects be stored and fetched from ? ;Table = Object_DATA ; Table name for the virtual garage data to be stored in, default table is 'garage' VGTable = garage ; Days for a stored vehicle to be cleaned up after, if set to -1 this feature is disabled. Default 35 days CleanupVehStoredDays = 35 ; Log object cleanup DELETE statements (per object), including virtual garage. Default is false LogObjectCleanup = false
  6. Hi all I have this package of mods installed and working well. After having solved the most basic problems, I find something that can not be solved. Using the garage manager from the plot you do not see the vehicles that you put to store. The menu works well, but you can not see the vehicles. You can do garage maintenance, you can put and remove the helipad ... but you can not see the vehicles and I can not store them. Does anyone know why it could be? Thank you
  7. Good afternoon everyone after configuring my server with the salival mods (thanks guy) I added it, WICKED-AI-master, ESSV3, Walkers-master and Epoch-Admin-Tools-TestBranch. Everything is going well and I have started to customize the map. When I tried to add ammo launcher (stinger, strela etc) in the traders with these classnames https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Documents/Epoch Classnames/Epoch cfgMagazines.txt But it does not work in the trader, it's as if he did not recognize the object. It appears in the list of sales, you can buy it, spend the money but it gives you nothing and puts a key in the inventory (?). It seems as if these objects were not defined for the traders. In the game you take the weapon from an adminbox and if the ammunition is in the database the classname of the previous list comes out. Does anyone know about this? Thank you
  8. Pakus

    ZSC Coins error

    Thanks for answering I have tested your mods in a fresh installation of without putting anything else. After making some changes in scripts.txt the server works very well. It may seem that it does not work at the beginning but it is simply to change scripts.txt Thank you so much for help me
  9. Pakus

    ZSC Coins error

    After many hours of trying things, I just found that I was missing this, at https://github.com/oiad/ZSC "5. Replace your original description.ext with the one provided or merge the contents if you have modified your own version." The new description.ext has a line that I needed to put: #include "scripts \ zsc \ zsc.hpp" But when I add it, error rpt says: 20:47:32 Connected to Steam servers ErrorMessage: File mpmissions \ DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus \ scripts \ zsc \ zsc.hpp, line 103: .GivePlayerDialog: Member already defined. 20:48:49 NetServer :: finishDestroyPlayer (1227662568): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both canceled I've reviewed everything several times, tried different things, but I'm still the same. I have admintools, is this the problem?
  10. Pakus

    ZSC Coins error

    Good afternoon I have installed ZSC Coins. I followed all the steps of https://github.com/oiad/ZSC Everything seems fine, but when you scroll in the banker and choose "bank" it gives error "resource atmDialog not found" The rpt file is here https://mega.nz/#!r3YRXADb!5BhEPI6X0XDs0RXclPZlrrA4_b4jCN6r5YEdsvq3Y5Q I think that in the rpt the error is "Server: Object 2: 299 not found (message 132)" but I do not understand it Can you give me a hand please?
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