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First I will ramble for a bit:

I have played on an Overpochins server that really caught my attention. Unfortunately the server is constantly switching ip's after every restart and the only way to find it is by searching with words "yukon" in the DZLauncher, 3 typically pop up. In this server the events are set up to where it shows a text "Government has decided to nuke "whatevername" airport/city." The sirens go off like it's Silent Hill, and when the nukes hit, the entire map shakes with thundering lasting sounds. Moments later the sky turns a greenish hue with fallout coming down over a period of time (usually until restart).

I love everything about survival games, but when it comes to post apocalyptic-falloutseries-style, it's even better... and on DayZ? That's crazy. A game that has lasted all these years still refuses to die. It is by far the best gameplay in this style. Not even Arma3 has all the features Epoch for Arma 2 does.

Since I cannot find anything about the server, I've checked ip's, names, checked registered servers, I cannot find anything to contact this person who created this really cool scenario and overall feel for the game. Not to mention the loot spawn is insane. There are weapons i've never seen in any Overpochins server.

  • Mods on this server, as far as I can tell:
  • Nuclear Post Apocalyptic event (with radiations zones--wearing certain skins will keep you from harm)
  • Slow Zeds (Zombies should never run IMO, but they should definitely be in hordes)
  • Military Loot/Vehicle spawn (the likes I've never seen in all these years playing)
  • Currency Switch (At Traders and at Plot Poles)
  • Paint Vehicles
  • Advance Crafting
  • Missions I've never heard of
  • PVE only (Somehow--I'm assuming some damage modifier?)
  • Advanced Deployment
  • ESSV Spawn or something better


My question's are:

  1. Does anyone know how to implement this Nuclear-type of script to run?
  2. How can you set up a server where you can choose to switch currency on the fly?
  3. How do you create a Prison for breaking the PVE rule or making a server ONLY PVE without having to use admins to guard it all day and ban people.


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