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  1. First I will ramble for a bit: I have played on an Overpochins server that really caught my attention. Unfortunately the server is constantly switching ip's after every restart and the only way to find it is by searching with words "yukon" in the DZLauncher, 3 typically pop up. In this server the events are set up to where it shows a text "Government has decided to nuke "whatevername" airport/city." The sirens go off like it's Silent Hill, and when the nukes hit, the entire map shakes with thundering lasting sounds. Moments later the sky turns a greenish hue with fallout coming down over a period of time (usually until restart). I love everything about survival games, but when it comes to post apocalyptic-falloutseries-style, it's even better... and on DayZ? That's crazy. A game that has lasted all these years still refuses to die. It is by far the best gameplay in this style. Not even Arma3 has all the features Epoch for Arma 2 does. Since I cannot find anything about the server, I've checked ip's, names, checked registered servers, I cannot find anything to contact this person who created this really cool scenario and overall feel for the game. Not to mention the loot spawn is insane. There are weapons i've never seen in any Overpochins server. Mods on this server, as far as I can tell: Nuclear Post Apocalyptic event (with radiations zones--wearing certain skins will keep you from harm) Slow Zeds (Zombies should never run IMO, but they should definitely be in hordes) Military Loot/Vehicle spawn (the likes I've never seen in all these years playing) Currency Switch (At Traders and at Plot Poles) Paint Vehicles Advance Crafting Missions I've never heard of PVE only (Somehow--I'm assuming some damage modifier?) Advanced Deployment ESSV Spawn or something better My question's are: Does anyone know how to implement this Nuclear-type of script to run? How can you set up a server where you can choose to switch currency on the fly? How do you create a Prison for breaking the PVE rule or making a server ONLY PVE without having to use admins to guard it all day and ban people.
  2. Not many Dayz Players are used to Survival Servers like I am. So they don't understand how it functions and the quirks you experience. In part this is due to them having their own unique control panel, which was made to be user friendly even for noobs. Complicated systems like Vilayer and GTX and EliteGamers has the entire Arma files laid out in such a way that makes it difficult for new users to follow. Whereas SurvivalServers has it all in categories in one spot. It becomes much easier to navigate, but it also lacks in stability, prompting the user to upload and re-upload several times. The following checks, though tedious MUST be made, even if you feel you've done them. Trust me, you have not. This is an old post but anyone coming onto this to see this, just wipe your server and start over. Survival Servers are finicky, and you need to install one mod at a time, start the server and test before stopping and uploading another mod. Always install the ZUPA mod on survival servers before any other mod. This helps eliminate conflicts because you will know it works. If the system cannot find any init.sqf's then that means you didn't follow instructions properly and a line of code was added but the file is not there or vice versa. Start over, take your time, go step by step and it will work. Only edit using Notepad++ nothing else Make sure to pack your PBO properly using cpbo or pbo manager. When extracting the PBO always extract into that pbo's folder. Don't ever upload the prefix. After uploading your packed PBO restart the server, let it run for a moment then stop it. Download the PBO and make sure all your changes are there. If it is not you made a boo boo and you will need to start transferring things over with FTP's like FILEZILLA which will make your life a lot easier once you learn it. And only download the "Client" version. This will give you more control over your game.
  3. It may be an old post but people still play Arma2. My question is why are we using the NOS folder when you are called the nitrosqf like this: [] execVM "nitro\nitro.sqf"; Shouldnt it be . [] execVM "NOS\nitro.sqf"; ?? I am very confused on this tutorial. I got it to work properly and did it my way, no need for any fn_selfactions modifications. But nonetheless, it was definitely not presented bold face. Anyways here is a list of common more accurately available vehicles if somebody wants to add more than just the few oddball ones that were presented that nobody drives. I apologize if i missed some quotes and commas. I am pretty sure i got them all i copy and pasted from my file and everything works. It's a nice script, but the better one out there has Nitro On and Nitro Off available.
  4. I dont know if it's just or does anyone notice how it says "delete old zupa folder". That insinuates someone already has advanced trading? or does that mean to reaplace the zupa folder with the single currency mod in it? Not very clear on instructions even though it has few steps. If i delete my zupa folder i will loose everything in currency. can someone please clarify? or if i have to merge or what?
  5. this script is not working very well. Anyone have updates on it if it's still working for you? Also SlowZeds not working either from zupa (different forum but arma2 posts are dieing anyways) I don't think these mods work with the new server host company layouts anymore. They are totally different from what is being described here. oh well, will have to write one that works
  6. For the Lazy ;) Separated by Category. "Mi17_Ins", "Mi17_Civilian", "Mi17_CDF", "UH60M_EP1_DZE", "GNT_C185C", "GNT_C185T", "Mi17_medevac_Ins", "GNT_C185E", "GNT_C185F", "GNT_C185U", "GNT_C185R", "GNT_C185", "ori_pragaCopter_green", "ori_pragaCopter_yellow", "Mi17_medevac_CDF", "UH60M_EP1_DZ", "Mi17_Ins", "Mi17_Civilian", "Mi17_CDF", "UH60M_EP1_DZE", "GNT_C185C", "GNT_C185T", "Mi17_medevac_Ins", "GNT_C185E", "GNT_C185F", "GNT_C185U", "GNT_C185R", "GNT_C185", "ori_pragaCopter_green", "ori_pragaCopter_yellow", "Mi17_medevac_CDF", "UH60M_EP1_DZ", "UH60M_EP1_DZ", "C130J_US_EP1_DZ", "AH6X_DZ", "MH6J_DZ", "Mi17_Civilian_DZ", "UH60M_EP1_DZE", "AH6J_EP1_DZE", "AH6J_EP1_DZ", "An2_2_TK_CIV_EP1", "Su39", "AH6X_EP1", "Ka52Black", "MH6J_EP1", "An2_1_TK_CIV_EP1", "C130J", "Su25_Ins", "Ka52", "AH6J_EP1", "Mi17_UN_CDF_EP1", "UH60M_MEV_EP1", "UH60M_EP1", "UH1H_TK_EP1", "Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1", "Mi17_TK_EP1", "pook_H13_civ_white", "pook_H13_civ_ru_white", "pook_H13_medevac_CDF", "pook_H13_medevac_INS", "pook_H13_medevac_GUE", "pook_H13_amphib", "pook_H13_amphib_GUE", "pook_H13_amphib_CIV", "pook_H13_gunship_CDF", "pook_H13_gunship_GUE", "pook_H13_transport_GUE", "pook_H13_civ_black", "pook_H13_medevac_CIV", "pook_H13_amphib_CIV_RU", "pook_H13_gunship_UNO", "pook_H13_transport_TAK", "pook_H13_transport_INS", "pook_H13_civ_yellow", "pook_H13_transport", "pook_H13_civ", "pook_H13_civ_ru_slate", "pook_H13_transport_CDF", "pook_H13_transport_UNO", "pook_H13_amphib_UNO", "pook_H13_amphib_TAK", "pook_H13_amphib_PMC", "pook_H13_civ_ru_yellow", "pook_H13_gunship", "pook_H13_gunship_TAK", "pook_H13_medevac", "pook_H13_medevac_UNO", "pook_H13_medevac_TAK", "pook_H13_medevac_CIV_RU", "pook_H13_medevac_PMC", "pook_H13_amphib_CDF", "pook_H13_amphib_INS", "pook_H13_gunship_PMC", "pook_H13_gunship_INS", "pook_H13_transport_PMC", "pook_H13_civ_slate", "pook_H13_civ_ru", "pook_H13_civ_ru_black", //LAND "ZSU_INS", "BMP2_Ambul_CDF", "BMP2_HQ_INS", "BMP2_HQ_CDF", "BMP2_Ambul_INS", "BMP2_CDF", "BMP2_Gue", "BMP2_INS", "car_sedan", "Ural_ZU23_INS", "Ural_ZU23_Gue", "UralRefuel_INS", "BRDM2_Gue", "BRDM2_ATGM_CDF", "UAZ_INS", "UAZ_RU", "car_hatchback", "GLT_M300_LT", "GLT_M300_ST", "ori_ScrapBuggy", "Ural_ZU23_CDF", "Ural_INS", "Ural_CDF", "UralOpen_CDF", "UralOpen_INS", "UralCivil", "UralCivil2", "UralRefuel_CDF", "UralRepair_CDF", "UralRepair_INS", "UralReammo_CDF", "UralReammo_INS", "BRDM2_HQ_Gue", "BRDM2_CDF", "BRDM2_INS", "BRDM2_ATGM_INS", "HMMWV", "HMMWV_M2", "HMMWV_TOW", "HMMWV_MK19", "UAZ_CDF", "Offroad_DSHKM_INS", "Pickup_PK_GUE", "UAZ_MG_CDF", "UAZ_MG_INS", "UAZ_AGS30_RU", "UAZ_AGS30_CDF", "UAZ_AGS30_INS", "hilux1_civil_1_open", "Offroad_SPG9_Gue", "datsun1_civil_1_open", "UAZ_SPG9_INS", "Skoda", "Pickup_PK_INS", "Offroad_DSHKM_Gue", "HMMWV_Ambulance_DES_EP1", "UralSalvage_TK_EP1", "Offroad_DSHKM_TK_GUE_EP1", "Offroad_SPG9_TK_GUE_EP1", "HMMWV_MK19_DES_EP1", "TT650_TK_CIV_EP1", "MtvrReammo_DES_EP1", "UAZ_AGS30_TK_EP1", "UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1", "Ural_UN_EP1", "UralRepair_TK_EP1", "HMMWV_Ambulance_CZ_DES_EP1", "HMMWV_Avenger_DES_EP1", "M1030_US_DES_EP1", "MtvrSupply_DES_EP1", "Lada1_TK_CIV_EP1", "AAV", "Ikarus", "Ural_ZU23_TK_EP1", "Ural_ZU23_TK_GUE_EP1", "LAV25_HQ", "V3S_Gue", "V3S_Civ", "Kamaz", "HMMWV_Avenger", "Ural_TK_CIV_EP1", "UralSupply_TK_EP1", "MTVR", "LAV25", "KamazReammo", "KamazRepair", "KamazRefuel", "UralRefuel_TK_EP1", "UralReammo_TK_EP1", "MtvrRefuel", "MtvrReammo", "MtvrRepair", "HMMWV_Armored", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_CIV_EP1", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_EP1", "HMMWV_Ambulance", "Pickup_PK_TK_GUE_EP1", "UAZ_MG_TK_EP1", "Lada2", "VWGolf", "M1030", "TT650_TK_EP1", "TT650_Gue", "TT650_Civ", "TT650_Ins", "MMT_Civ", "MtvrRepair_DES_EP1", "MtvrSalvage_DES_EP1", "HMMWV_DES_EP1", "MTVR_DES_EP1", "MtvrRefuel_DES_EP1", "Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1", "Pickup_PK_INS_DZE4", "Pickup_PK_INS_DZE2", "Offroad_DSHKM_Gue_DZE", "Offroad_DSHKM_Gue_DZE2", "M1126_ICV_mk19_EP1", "M1130_CV_EP1", "HMMWV_M1151_M2_CZ_DES_EP1_DZ", "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1", "SUV_TK_EP1", "BTR40_MG_TK_INS_EP1", "Offroad_DSHKM_Gue_DZ", "Offroad_DSHKM_Gue_DZE3", "ori_transit", "Pickup_PK_INS_DZE1", "Pickup_PK_GUE_DZE4", "Pickup_PK_GUE_DZE", "Pickup_PK_TK_GUE_EP1_DZE", "VolhaLimo_TK_CIV_EP1", "ori_poldek", "ori_titanic", "ori_survivorBus", "Ikarus_TK_CIV_EP1", "M1126_ICV_M2_EP1", "M1129_MC_EP1", "M1128_MGS_EP1", "GRAD_TK_EP1", "BRDM2_HQ_TK_GUE_EP1", "BRDM2_TK_EP1", "BRDM2_TK_GUE_EP1", "HMMWV_M1151_M2_CZ_DES_EP1_DZE", "BRDM2_ATGM_TK_EP1", "HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1_DZE", "SUV_PMC", "SUV_UN_EP1", "BTR40_MG_TK_GUE_EP1", "BTR40_TK_INS_EP1", "BTR40_TK_GUE_EP1", "Pickup_PK_INS_DZE3", "Pickup_PK_TK_GUE_EP1_DZE4", "Pickup_PK_GUE_DZ", "Pickup_PK_TK_GUE_EP1_DZE2", "HMMWV_M1035_DES_EP1", "hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1", "S1203_ambulance_EP1", "S1203_TK_CIV_EP1", "ori_vil_lada_2105_rust", "ori_poldek_black", "Old_moto_TK_Civ_EP1", "ATV_US_EP1", "ATV_CZ_EP1", "Old_bike_TK_INS_EP1", "HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1_DZ", "UAZ_MG_TK_EP1_DZE", "Pickup_PK_TK_GUE_EP1_DZ", "Pickup_PK_TK_GUE_EP1_DZE1", "Pickup_PK_GUE_DZE2", "Offroad_DSHKM_Gue_DZE1", "M1135_ATGMV_EP1", "M1133_MEV_EP1", "ori_vil_originsmod_truck_civ", "HMMWV_DZ", "SUV_Special", "Offroad_DSHKM_Gue_DZE4", "ori_vil_originsmod_lublin_truck", "Pickup_PK_INS_DZ", "Pickup_PK_GUE_DZE1", "Pickup_PK_GUE_DZE3", "Pickup_PK_TK_GUE_EP1_DZE3", "UAZ_MG_TK_EP1_DZ", "Volha_2_TK_CIV_EP1", "BTR90_DZE", "UralCivil2_DZE", "LAV25_DZE", "LAV25_DZ", "UAZ_RU_DZE3", "UAZ_INS_DZE3", "UAZ_CDF_DZE2", "UAZ_RU_DZE1", "UAZ_CDF_DZE1", "hilux1_civil_1_open_DZE3", "hilux1_civil_1_open_DZE2", "hilux1_civil_1_open_DZE", "car_sedan_DZE1", "car_sedan_DZE2", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE2", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE4", "car_hatchback_DZE3", "Lada2_DZE2", "Lada2_DZE1", "Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE2", "Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE4", "VolhaLimo_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE3", "VolhaLimo_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE4", "VWGolf_DZE1", "Skoda_DZE2", "BTR90_HQ_DZ", "BTR90_HQ_DZE", "LAV25_HQ_DZ", "BTR90_DZ", "UralCivil_DZE", "V3S_RA_TK_GUE_EP1_DZE", "MtvrRefuel_DES_EP1_DZ", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_EP1_DZE3", "UAZ_INS_DZE1", "UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1_DZE4", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE4", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE3", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_EP1_DZE1", "UAZ_RU_DZE4", "UAZ_INS_DZE2", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE1", "hilux1_civil_1_open_DZE1", "car_sedan_DZE4", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE3", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE", "car_hatchback_DZE1", "car_hatchback_DZE3", "Lada2_DZE4", "Volha_2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE2", "Volha_2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE3", "Volha_2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE1", "Skoda_DZE1", "KamazOpen_DZE", "V3S_Refuel_TK_GUE_EP1", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_EP1_DZE4", "UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1_DZE3", "UAZ_INS_DZE4", "UAZ_CDF_DZE4", "UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1_DZE2", "UAZ_Unarmed_TK_EP1_DZE2", "car_hatchback_DZE2", "Lada1_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE4", "Lada1_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE1", "Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE3", "Lada2_DZE3", "VolhaLimo_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE3", "VolhaLimo_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE2", "VWGolf_DZE3", "Skoda_DZE3", "LAV25_HQ_DZE", "UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1_DZE2", "UAZ_Unarmed_UN_EP1_DZE1", "UAZ_CDF_DZE3", "UAZ_RU_DZE2", "hilux1_civil_1_open_DZE4", "car_sedan_DZE3", "datsun1_civil_1_open_DZE1", "car_hatchback_DZE4", "Lada2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE1", "Lada1_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE2", "Lada1_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE3", "VolhaLimo_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE1", "Volha_2_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE4", "VWGolf_DZE2", "VWGolf_DZE4", "Skoda_DZE4", "M1A2_US_TUSK_MG_EP1", "WarfareSalvageTruck_RU", "WarfareRepairTruck_Gue", "V3S_TK_GUE_EP1", "BMP2_UN_EP1", "WarfareSalvageTruck_Gue", "WarfareSalvageTruck_USMC", "WarfareReammoTruck_CDF", "M113_UN_EP1_DZ", "M113_TK_EP1", "M113Ambul_UN_EP1", "SUV_Orange_DZE1", "SUV_Red_DZE2", "SUV_Yellow", "SUV_Charcoal_DZE3", "SUV_Camo", "SUV_White_DZE4", "SUV_Silver_DZE4", "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE2", "SUV_Charcoal_DZE2", "SUV_Yellow_DZE1", "SUV_Green_DZE1", "SUV_Camo_DZE1", "SUV_Orange", "SUV_Pink", "SUV_White", "SUV_Red", "SUV_Yellow_DZE3", "SUV_Orange_DZE2", "SUV_Silver_DZE2", "SUV_PMC_BAF", "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE3", "SUV_Silver_DZE3", "BAF_ATV_D", "T72_TK_EP1", "T34_TK_EP1", "WarfareSupplyTruck_CDF", "WarfareSupplyTruck_Gue", "WarfareSalvageTruck_INS", "WarfareReammoTruck_RU", "V3S_Salvage_TK_GUE_EP1", "WarfareReammoTruck_USMC", "SUV_Green_DZE2", "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE4", "SUV_Red_DZE3", "SUV_White_DZE2", "SUV_Pink_DZE4", "SUV_Green_DZE4", "SUV_Pink_DZE1", "SUV_White_DZE1", "SUV_Blue_DZE4", "BMP2_HQ_TK_EP1", "M1A1_US_DES_EP1", "BMP2_TK_EP1", "WarfareSupplyTruck_RU", "WarfareSupplyTruck_INS", "WarfareSupplyTruck_USMC", "V3S_Reammo_TK_GUE_EP1", "M113_UN_EP1", "M113_UN_EP1_DZE", "M113_TK_EP1_DZ", "SUV_Camo_DZE4", "SUV_Red_DZE4", "SUV_Pink_DZE3", "SUV_Green_DZE3", "SUV_Orange_DZE4", "SUV_Red_DZE1", "SUV_Camo_DZE3", "SUV_Blue_DZE2", "SUV_Camo_DZE2", "SUV_Charcoal_DZE1", "SUV_White_DZE3", "SUV_TK_CIV_EP1_DZE1", "SUV_Silver", "SUV_Charcoal", "SUV_Green", "SUV_Blue", "T55_TK_GUE_EP1", "V3S_Open_TK_CIV_EP1", "V3S_TK_GUE_EP1", "V3S_Supply_TK_GUE_EP1", "WarfareSalvageTruck_CDF", "WarfareReammoTruck_Gue", "WarfareReammoTruck_INS", "M113_UN_EP1_DZE", "M113_TK_EP1_DZE", "M113Ambul_TK_EP1", "SUV_Orange_DZE3", "SUV_Charcoal_DZE4", "SUV_Blue_DZE3", "SUV_Pink_DZE2", "SUV_Yellow_DZE2", "SUV_Silver_DZE1", "SUV_Blue_DZE1", "SUV_Yellow_DZE4", "BAF_ATV_W", //SHIP "JetSkiYanahui_Yellow", "JetSkiYanahui_Red", "JetSkiYanahui_Blue", "JetSkiYanahui_Green"
  7. who said i needed help? I have posted more tutorials for people on server hosting company pages then these "coders". If you are going to do something then do it right, otherwise do not do it at all. There are people still playing arma 2 and starting off on their own. When they arrive to these sites and see a 2 year old post, there is not viable help. Because these shit companies change how the code is defined by being called from multiple variables and locations. I dont understand how you can miss something like that? again, what good is a tutorial if it is dismissive. do what you want, idc. i just sick and tired of people coming on forums like this and getting misinformed. they might as well work for places like survival servers and gtx or vilayer and stick to the same unhelpful routine and arrogance.
  8. you have the worst tutorial for your keychanger mod. i will not be polite about it, because it's people like you who try to do something and do it wrong.

  9. I speak my mind. dont like it get the fuck out

  10. this is the worst tutorial. it does not include anything that helps you to install the mod. It is very minimal, does not display the changes that were made to the server_updateobject.sqf nor the be filters. and if anyone notices in your infistar the cMenu is disabled. enabling it can cause problems. I really think this is majorly outdated and overwriting your serverupdateobject file will mess lot of things up especially because these companies now add their own code. horrible tutorial sorry. just doesnt work without explanations You cannot just upload the crap, change a few lines and be done. there is shit ton of steps missing and they are not listed. further down the pages shows the creator talking about changine vehiclefunctions script. WHERE THE F is that? when was it included? nothing was talked about. GARBAGE! dont be hating because you messed up
  11. Alright so basically create a pbo version, then refollow the instructions and just put it in accordingly. alrighty. thanks. will try that.
  12. instructions are confusing. you said to put the custom_server.pbo in the @Epochhive addons folder. There is no custom_server.pbo file in the download for 1. and 2, For those who do not have init.sqf you said to copy that stuff below and basically make one. thats all fine and dandy but those execVM's for debugs are in a different folder called MPmissions not custom_server.pbo so this would not work. Am i looking at this wrong? anyone help would greatly appreciate it.
  13. Zupa do you know if there is still a plan to update epoch for arma2?

    1. Zupa


      THere was. But they are focussing first on a good stable build for arma3.

    2. merlin07


      alright. that sucks. than. so you are done with arma 2 as well?

    3. Zupa


      I'm probably making a endgame patch for epoch 2
  14. Is there a reason my airdealer is missing at Chernarus Airfield and in his place is 3 silver briefcases?
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