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Arma 2 OA DayZ Testing Server Errors HELP!

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I followed a video shown here on how to make your own server,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1527&v=EBW2PE6UCx0

The problem is when I launch my server, I get 3 different errors here are photos of the errors. I have DayZ Epoch enabled in expansions and still getting errors. It wont even let me into my server and just says waiting for host... I get Sauerland requires addon chernarus when starting my server from the .bat file. The other error is waiting for host when I join my own testing server any fixes?

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Yes I followed that tutorial and it all works now :) once question how do I get my friends to join? What do I do? Can you explain step by step please? I also cant add my server to DayZ Launcher so they can find it. Its a LAN server.

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