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Why does my script look like this?



My script:


/************************* CONFIG *************************/

	_serverTitle = "SERVER NAME HERE";
	_serverSubtitle = "WEBSITE/MESSAGE HERE"; // DELETE line 40 if you don't want this to show
	_teamspeak = "Teamspeak: TEAMSPEAK IP HERE"; // DELETE line 50 if you don't want this to show
	_restartTime = 180; //total time before server restart (3hrs = 180 minutes)
/************************* CONFIG *************************/

while {debugMonitor} do {

	_time = (round(_restartTime-(serverTime)/60)); 	//Want it to count up instead of down? use _time = (round serverTime)/60;
	_hours = (floor(_time/60));
	_minutes = (_time - (_hours * 60));
	switch(_minutes) do
		case 9: {_minutes = "09"};
		case 8: {_minutes = "08"};
		case 7: {_minutes = "07"};
		case 6: {_minutes = "06"};
		case 5: {_minutes = "05"};
		case 4: {_minutes = "04"};
		case 3: {_minutes = "03"};
		case 2: {_minutes = "02"};
		case 1: {_minutes = "01"};
		case 0: {_minutes = "00"};
	// Want to change the colors? http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp
	// Use the #xxxxxx color code you get on that website and place it with any of the
	//<t size..... lines below format: color='#xxxxxx'
	// You can delete any of the <t size..... lines that you do not want
hintSilent parseText format [" 
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Zombies Killed: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%1</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Headshots: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%2</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Murders: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%3</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left'>Bandits Killed: </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%4</t><br/><br/><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#ffe13f'>Coins </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%6</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#ffe13f'>Bank </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%7</t><br/><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#1E90FF'>Humanity </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%5</t><br/>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#C70000'>Blood </t>
        <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%10</t><br/>",
        (player getVariable['zombieKills', 0]),
        (player getVariable['headShots', 0]),
        (player getVariable['humanKills', 0]),
        (player getVariable['banditKills', 0]),
        (player getVariable['humanity', 0] call BIS_fnc_numberText),
		(player getVariable['cashMoney', 0] call BIS_fnc_numberText),
		(player getVariable['GlobalMoney', 0] call BIS_fnc_numberText),
        (count playableUnits),
        (round diag_fps),
        (round(120-(serverTime) / 60))
	//Don't modify this part
	sleep 0.5;

I already tried everything and when it seems that solved it appears another graphic error like for example "Murders" has two zeros.

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